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READING & MATH Intervention
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calling all 1st grade teachers!

Imagine sitting down at your small group table prepared and excited to deliver high-quality intervention instruction with minimal planning and prepping time required.


Then, imagine watching those light bulb moments happening for your students because you've intentionally and effectively targeted the specific skills they need to take the next step.


Imagine having a resource that provides ready-to-use activities for both reading and math so you can help your students grow while also gaining back some of your precious time.

What's included?

Targeted reading intervention?

Say no more!  Say hello to the easy way to provide your students with effective & targeted intervention in 5 reading content strands, with minimal prep from you.

260 pages of reading intervention targeted for phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary and word structure, comprehension and writing!
Print and go pages - simply print and pop into a page protector in a binder. Giving you continued use, over and over again.

Use the tabs below to take a look at all the skills you'll have ready-to-use intervention resources for!

• Pictures with the same medial sound- short and long vowels
• Pictures with the same beginning blends
• Pictures with the same ending blends
• Beginning, medial & ending sounds
• Phoneme count
• Consonant Digraphs
• R-Blends
• L-Blends
• S-Blends
• Ending Blends
• Final E
• Long A- ay & ai
• Long E- ee, ea, ie
• Long I- ight, ie
• Long O- oa, ow, oe
• Long U- ew, ui, ue
• Diphthongs- ou, ow, oy, oi
• Y as a vowel
• Syllables
• Inflected Endings- ed & ing
• High Frequency Words
• Categories- Sorting Attributes
• Real Life Connections
• Shades of Meaning
• Ask & Answer Questions
• Retell a Story
• Story Elements
• Character Traits
• Emotions and Feelings
• Point of View
• Compare and Contrast
• Main Idea & Details
• Text Features
• Nouns
• Proper Nouns
• Singular & Plural Nouns
• Possessive Nouns
• Pronouns
• Verb Tenses
• Adjectives
• Conjunctions
• Prepositions
• Simple & Compound Sentences
• Capitalization
• Punctuation
• Commas
• Sentence Structure

Don't forget about math!

Plan targeted math intervention in a snap with 140 pages of math ready-to-use intervention resources!
Focuses on 5 content strands: number and operations, algebraic thinking, problem solving, measurement and data, and geometry.
Print sections/pages as you need them OR print once and place in page protectors to use over and over again!

Use the tabs below to take a look at all the skills you'll have ready-to-use intervention resources for!

•Writing the next number
•Counting back by 10s
•Ordering Numbers
•Place Value
•Comparing Numbers
•1 More 1 Less
•10 More 10 Less
•Relating Facts to 10
•Relating Facts to 20
•Add to 20
•Subtract to 20
•Is it Equal?
•Missing Addends 10 & 20
•Adding three numbers
•Addition Word Problems (0-20)
•Subtraction Word Problems (0-20)
•Mixed Word Problems
•3 Addend Word Problems
•Bar Graphs
•Tally Graph
•Make your own Graph
•Order Lengths
•Measure Lengths
•Indirect Measurement
•Time to Hour
•Time to ½ Hour
•Sides and Corners 2D
•Open and Closed Shapes
•3D Shapes
•Halves & Fourths

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Not convinced?  check out these resources in action!

frequently asked questions:

Who is this for?This bundle is perfect for 1st grade teachers and the skills/content taught in 1st grade!  You may find that Kindergarten students needing a challenge can benefit from this resource as well.

What all is included?With this special limited-time offer you get both the first grade reading intervention set and first grade math intervention set.

You can see more details of the reading intervention set right here and more details of the math intervention set right here.

How long will this special be available?Like all good things, this special offer must come to an end!  It's available through midnight CST on May 31st then POOF it's gone!  But don't worry... you'll always be able to access your download after purchasing right in our members area!

Can I share this with my teammates?We love the sharing heart of teachers!  Unfortunately your purchase only grants one license for this resource.  If your teammates love this resource, please send them our way to grab their own copy.

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