Phonological & Phonemic Awareness in Early Literacy BUNDLE | Beginner Readers

Don’t guess about the best way to build phonological & phonemic awareness!  This comprehensive resource is designed to elevate your small group instruction for emerging readers, laying a solid foundation for their literacy journey. Administer the included pre-assessments to determine student needs, then select from the curated activities and watch as your young learners build the skills needed to become confident and skilled readers. Click preview below to learn more.

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Get a full year’s worth of activities and assessments to teach important early literacy skills. These ready-to-use activities include everything you’re needing to teach print awareness, letter knowledge, letter sounds, and phonological awareness to your beginner readers.

Each set includes exactly what you need at your fingertips for planning and making copies. You’ll have what you need to easily differentiate your small groups so each group gets exactly what they need. These resources can also easily be used during whole group lessons to help build skills together.

This Early Literacy Bundle Includes:

⭐️Print awareness, letter knowledge, letter sounds, and handwriting

⭐️Word level phonological awareness (sentence segmentation, blending, segmentation, and deletion)

⭐️Syllable level phonological awareness (blending, segmentation, and deletion)

⭐️Onset-rime level phonological awareness (rhyme, generate rhyme, categorization, blending, segmentation)

⭐️Phoneme level phonological awareness (isolation, identity, categorization, blending, segmentation, deletion, addition, substitution)

Use these ready-to-use assessments for these foundational skills to see where your students are and to track progress towards mastery. This data will help you decide which low-prep mini lessons you can use to help your students hone in on those early literacy skills and become more confident and fluent readers.

Included in each early literacy activity set:

  • Binder spine, tab, and pages to keep your materials organized
  • Posters to hang in the classroom with included skills
  • A pre/post assessment for each section so you can determine where your students are, what instruction would best benefit them and track progress towards mastery.
  • Research based mini-lessons and activities to be completed in small group or independently.
  • Printable no-prep pages for your students to complete

This resource provides engaging activities for letter knowledge and identification, print awareness, and phonological awareness at different levels.

  • Assessments and tracking sheets to identify where your students are at
  • Tons of different activities for you to choose from to help your students build mastery over many different levels throughout the school year as they learn to read.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Angela V. said, “This resource is great! I am so excited to have it to supplement my small groups and really see a lot of growth in my students.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Kathryn N. said, “My students love using this resource during centers.  It really hones in on specific skills that I can quickly use per data.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Emily A. said, “I’ve been using this with my students to help reinforce skills previously taught. They are engaged and learning! Thank you!”


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3 reviews for Phonological & Phonemic Awareness in Early Literacy BUNDLE | Beginner Readers

  1. Emily A.

    I’ve been using this with my students to help reinforce skills previously taught. They are engaged and learning! Thank you!

  2. Angela R.

    Great resource to guide students’ learning and support students who need intervention on specific skills.

  3. Colleen B.

    This bundle has been a great asset to my classroom toolkit. The students are engaged and excited about this bundle.

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