5 Activities for Teaching Fire Safety


This post is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association and Sparky the Fire Dog®

If you’re a teacher, you know the importance of fire prevention education. And, odds are you are incorporating some kind of learning activities into your lesson plans for fire safety during Fire Prevention Week™ – the dates for this year are October 4-10, 2020.

But, even with all of the great intentions of incorporating fire safety lessons and activities teachers often wonder what’s appropriate? Where do I find resources? How can I make learning about fire safety fun and kid approved?

Well, my friend, if you’ve asked yourself any of these questions – or maybe you haven’t even considered what you’ll teach during Fire Prevention Week™ – I’ve got some great news for you!

The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) hosts two fantastic websites that are brimming with FREE resources including lesson plans, anchor charts, crafts, games, and more. Today I want to share 5 activities for teaching about fire safety using resources found on Sparky.org and SparkySchoolhouse.org

All of the content on both websites is available to ANYONE, but Sparky.org is designed for use by parents and kids, while SparkySchoolhouse.org is designed for use by educators.

1. Anchor Chart: Fire Safety at Home

Just like with any lesson that we want to *stick*, including visuals is so important! I absolutely love this Fire Safety at Home Anchor Chart template. Simply print out the template, pre-prep by cutting out the pieces and making the house outline on chart paper, then enjoy learning and documenting with your students in the moment!

Did somebody say lesson plans? You’re covered! There are so many lesson plan options that are ready-to-go! What I love best about these lesson plans is that they are simple to follow, they provide all the materials you need for teaching (whether printed, digital, or video) and kids LOVE these learning activities!

2. Lesson Plan: 1234 Order

Here’s a lesson geared for Pre-K through First Grade called 1234 Order. In this lesson students learn to identify and apply the 4 steps for responding to smoke alarms, and BONUS y’all… it has built in practice of ordinal language for sequencing events!

3. Lesson Plan: Story of Sparky the Dog

Teach students older than Pre-K through First Grade? They’ve got lessons available all the way up through Fifth Grade! The Story of Sparky® the Fire Dog is a fantastic lesson plan that uses a video read aloud of the story to teach how students would get outside of their home if a smoke alarm sounded.

But, it doesn’t stop there… you can use the included story map to practice describing characters, setting, and major events in the story as well as beginning, middle, end.

4. Crafts and Activities

And… let’s be honest, teachers are stretched right now, so extra activities and craft ideas are pure gold. Sparky.org has an entire section dedicated to activities that can be printed out and used for centers, early finishers, or to send home with students.

5. Sparky.org for Games, Apps, and More

Games and apps? You’re covered. Whether using as an early finisher incentive, morning meeting activity, or sending home the link to parents for students to use at home, there are several very cool and easy-to-use options available!

So there you have it! Five awesome resources for Fire Prevention Week™ that are ready to go and FREE! Don’t forget… there are tons of other resources available to you as an educator and/or parent!

Fire prevention week is coming up and you may be looking for some activities your kids can complete. #sponsored This post shares 5 FREE crafts, poster ideas, and other activities that can be used when teaching fire safety in preschool through 5th grade.

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