5 for Friday: Is it Fall Yet?

Happy Friday y’all!
I dunno about you guys, but as much as I love my kids I just can’t help but feel like this on a Friday afternoon…
So why not celebrate with a 5 for Friday post?  
Let’s see what 5 random things I can come up with from the past week…
 I am getting so antsy that Fall is so close!  I’m just ready for sweater weather and maybe cuddling up by the fireplace.  It doesn’t really help that every store has pumpkins out now!!!  I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin.  I may have already purchased one, roasted it, and made pumpkin butter and pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins for my team!
The whole “Best Day Ever” theme was because of Dallas ISD’s “Best Day Ever” on Monday.  Basically it was a day for surprise visits from the superintendent, administrators and other stakeholders from the district for various schools.  We didn’t end up getting visited (because my school is AWESOME!) but the muffins were a hit anyway.
 This week we worked on sequence of events to retell stories.  To help the kiddos remember to share 4 parts from the story (first, next, then, last) the team decided to use story retelling ropes.
These were great for adding a little tactile experience to story retelling.  I folded down each side of the pipe cleaner and twisted to create a thicker end to keep the beads on.  This could be a fun activity for the kids to make, but I wanted it to be quick so I made them in advance.

 On Monday night I got to see one of my favorite singers in concert, Lily Allen!  If you don’t know who she is then you need to jump on the bandwagon, yesterday!  I was so excited when I found out she was performing in Dallas because I didn’t think she traveled much outside of the UK.

This week my principal asked me to be my school’s representative at the Teacher Focus Groups that are held for our feeder pattern.  I thought that it was pretty cool to be asked to be our representative as a first year teacher at this school!  I will meet once a month with teachers from other schools in our feeder pattern to discuss with is working and what isn’t and try to come up with a solution.

Finally, this may not be related to the past week, but I am so excited for the first official day of Fall in the coming week!  It is my favorite season and always seems to bring great things!

You can head over to [DoodleBugs] if you want some more 5 for Friday fun!


    1. Thank you! They were great for adding a visual and kinesthetic component to retelling. I'm keeping them in a bag in one of my easel trays so I can pass them out whenever we need to review retelling.


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