5 for Friday: Truly Random!

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My word it has been quite some time since I’ve shown my *digital* face around these parts!  I have been full steam ahead with so many personal and work things that it’s been hard to make time for anything else.  Here’s some of the random things I’ve been up to lately with a linkup with [DoodleBugs]!  And no, they are not all necessarily from the last week!
If you follow the First Grade Stampede FB page or Pinterest page then you probably already know about my number 1, but for those who don’t…
A couple of weeks ago I was awarded the Crystal Apple Award for the 3rd 6-weeks.  This not only made my day, but really reaffirmed that my decision to leave the situation I was in earlier this year was the right choice.  More about that [here].  I feel confident and happy, and it clearly shows in my work!
I started the Whole30 program at the beginning of January.  I consider myself to be a fairly in-shape guy, but definitely not a healthy eater.  I figured “what do I have to lose?”  I stuck with the program, for the most part.  Yes, I had a few cheats.  But, I really feel that I learned a lot about myself as an eater and how to get myself to eat cleaner and healthier.  Anyone else tried this program??

At the end of last week our school celebrated the 100th day.  I actually have a ton of photos from throughout the week that will hopefully make themselves into a blog post soon.  But, I figured I’d share one super special pic.  Here’s a glimpse of myself (and 2 teammates) in about 70 years.  Looking pretty good for a 100 year old if I say so myself!

Around New Years time I posted about the possibility of selling our home.  Well… it happened.  Or is happening I should say.  We are officially “pending” on the sale of our first home.  The slightly scary news is that we haven’t found the home we will be buying just yet.  Our sights are set on a competitive area of Dallas and it’s just been hard to find a home with the right price tag, location, etc.  We aren’t giving up hope though!  Here’s one of the listing photos – sad to leave our little gingerbread house, but excited about the future!

The picture below literally says 1,000 words.  During a time of the year when we are talking so much about friendship and being caring, it just warms my heart to see two boys (both whom I know were in need of a good friend) holding hands walking down the hallway yesterday.  Seeing this two kiddos come out of their shells and become friends is one of the sweetest and most endearing things that I’ve seen since I began teaching.
Happy Valentine’s to you and yours! 

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