A Fresh and Bright Teacher Toolbox DIY

A few years back I created teacher toolbox to go with my then nautical themed classroom. You can read that previous post about the DIY teacher toolbox here. Teacher toolbox? What’s that? Well, basically it is a plastic storage container that has small drawers to house all the goodies that we need on a daily basis as teachers.

Interested in creating this beauty?  Well here’s how you can do it in a snap!

First, you’ll need the toolbox. I found mine a few years ago at Lowe’s but let’s be real – Amazon is so much easier! The original box I used has been discontinued, but there are a couple options that work!  Click here to visit my Amazon affiliate link of this toolbox.

Or you may like this one as well.

I didn’t care for the gray color of my teacher toolbox, so I spray painted it matte black for a nice clean look. I used a spray paint suitable for all surfaces.

After your toolbox is dry (should you also not care for the gray base color) you’re ready to pick our the labels you’ll use. If you’re looking for the bright labels pictured in this post that are already pre-made to fit this storage unit – click here. This resource also includes editable labels so that you can truly make your toolbox your own!

I recommend printing your labels on cardstock for durability. I also recommend laminating them so they hold up throughout the year.

Once that’s finished, use double-sided tape to attach the labels to the outside of the drawers. Previously I tried Mod-Podge on the labels INSIDE the drawers and they fell off pretty easily.

What’s left? Fill that beauty with all those teacher goodies! This is the perfect excuse to grab a new set of pens or fun paper clips to kick start your organization!

Missed the labels?  Grab them by clicking the image below!


  1. Love this! I purchase this and made this project for my classroom! I was wondering what software program you use to create your projects? Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I found via Pinterest. Going to use this in year two of my teaching!!

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