Create a Reading Wonderland with Literacy Games

A new batch of erasers at the ever teacher-favorite dollar spot calls for a new batch of reading center games.  These games are perfect for fostering a cooperative learning environment while practicing syllables, sight words, short vowel sounds, segmenting/blending, rhyming, and beginning sounds.

Create a Reading Wonderland with Literacy Games

Snowflake Sound Subtract is a game for practicing identifying beginning sounds.

Students take turns with the spinner, identifying the letter shown and it’s accompanying sound, then removing a counter from the picture that represents that sound.  Best part of this game?  The sounds tiles are interchangeable so students can practice just the sounds they need to!

Create a Reading Wonderland with Literacy Games

Snowfriend Syllables is a fast-paced game where student travel around the picture grid identifying the picture and how many syllables in the spoken word.

Be the first to remove all of your syllable counters and you’re the winner!

Sight Word Sleigh Race is a completely editable game where students practice 5 sight words, letters, or cvc words at a time.

All you do is type in the 5 word or letter list of your choice and the game automatically populates!  Which word will reach the finish line first?

Create a Reading Wonderland with Literacy Games

Ice, Ice Rhymes are Nice is a favorite BUMP-style game for it’s ability to bring multiple skills together.

Students take turns drawing cards from the rhyming pile.  To identify if the word has a rhyming pair on the mat, the students must first segment and blend the cvc word.  Beware!  Your rhyming pairs aren’t “frozen” until you have two counters on them!

Create a Reading Wonderland with Literacy Games

Vowel Vacation is a board-style game where students race to the finish line by identifying medial vowel sounds in words.

Create a Reading Wonderland with Literacy Games

I can’t wait for my kiddos to give these games a try during literacy centers!  Interested in these games or the winter math center games?  Click the images below!

Create a literacy center wonderland with winter reading activities! These frosty literacy center games are perfect for centers in Kindergarten and some First Grade classrooms. Rhyming, syllables, sight words, medial vowel sounds, and beginning sounds are all included!

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