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It’s May, which means it’s time to link up with [Farley] for an update!

Listening:  I feel like HGTV is on 24/7 in our house!  The mister is addicted so it takes more than a little effort to get him to change the channel.  I feel like since we’re knee deep in our own home renovation that we could hold off on watching it on tv too, but it may be worse now!
Loving:  We’ve been in the new casa for about a month and I’m still loving it as much as the first day we moved in.  Our new neighborhood is exactly what we were looking for.  I’m also loving my new blog design!
Thinking:  As I lay in bed at 10:30 am with a cup of coffee I can’t help but think about my never-ending to-do list.  BUT, blogging is still being productive, right??
Wanting:  The one thing I was nervous about when re-branding the blog was forwarding from the old URL to the new URL (along with pins, links on other sites, etc.).  So far I have not been successful in getting the old URL ( to route to the new (  If there are any technology gurus reading this, PLEASE lend a hand, advice, anything!
Needing:  We spent all day yesterday shopping for the finish-out items for our home reno.  We successfully picked countertops and backsplash, but have a huge list of other items to pick out… Lighting, cabinet hardware, range….
Summer yes, hope, dream: We will definitely be traveling this summer, although we still have not decided where.  I’m vying for another trip to Mexico.  I’m hoping my transition to my new private school will run smoothly.  I’m meeting with the teacher who is retiring that I will replace to do a “hand-over” of all her tips, tricks, and resources.  I am so thankful for the way my new school handles transitions!  I’m dreaming of running a race this summer (5K).  I run several times a week and can handle it, I’ve just never actually done it with a group of people!  Maybe I’ll make this dream a reality.


  1. I always think about the kids I leave behind. I have had a lot of transitions in my work life and it is always bittersweet. Good luck with the new house and the changes!

  2. Wow you have a lot of great things going on and to look forward to! I taught kinder my first year then moved on up to second grade. Now, after my move from VA to CA I am working at a private preschool. Life has totally thrown me a curveball but it’s been an exciting ride! I’m so happy to hear that your new school is handing the transition well and that the teacher you’re replacing is making this easy for you…makes life so much easier. I hope you enjoy your new private school!

    Sliding Into Second Grade

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