Five for Friday: Projects, a Giveaway, and Summer

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It’s time for a 5 for Friday post!  Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.
Sorry… I just had to get that out!  The past 2 weeks have been so amazing for not only my productivity (reading, blogging, and creating), but also for my general state of “being.”  I just feel so rested and energetic!  I was so tired of hearing the mister say, “You’re always tired.”  Haha!

Did you notice my blog update??  Brownie points for those who did!
Gone are the days of “Second Grade Stampede!”  In honor of my one year “Blogiversary” I went ahead and had the update to “First Grade Stampede.”  Ok, so maybe it wasn’t THAT big of a change.  I’m just so happy that my blog can now reflect the grade that I actually teach!  For more on the story of why my blog was originally named “Second” instead of “First,” [check this out].
Erika at [Honey Bunch Blog Design] is always so friendly and quick!  If you are needing anything for a blog, I highly suggest visiting her site!
BTW, this does mean that if you have my “button” on your blog that you should update it with my new button!  If you don’t have my button on your blog, shame on you!  Just kidding… Kind of…  But seriously, if you do add my button to your blog, please let me know so that I can add yours to my “Blog Roll!”
Another way that I will be celebrating my one year “Blogiversary” is through a HUGE giveaway!  There has already been over 25 AWESOME products donated by your favorite TPT Teacher-Authors.  I am getting so excited for it, and I wish that June 17th would hurry up and get here!
Make sure you check back for easy entry to the Rafflecopter for some awesome K-2 products!
I have given in and started Season 1 of “Orange is the New Black.”  I kept hearing about how excited everyone was when Season 2 came out, and I’m over here thinking, “I haven’t even seen Season 1.”   That first episode definitely had me hooked.
I may be feeling a slight addiction to the show already…  It has definitely consumed quite a bit of my time this week, but hey I’m allowed to relax!  By a bit of time, I mean that I finished the first season in two days, and I am now ready to start Season 2, haha.
I’ve been posting my color by sight word packets as I’ve finished creating them.  Well, I finally finished all 4 seasons and bundled them together!  I am so happy to check this off of my list.  I can’t wait for my kiddos to use them next year.  Last year I had them do color by sight words as a Word Work Center for some weeks and also as morning work.
You can check the bundle out [here].

That’s about it for updates with me this week.  Staying busy, but also making sure I spend plenty of time just relaxing.
You can head over to [DoodleBugs’ blog] to join in on more Five for Friday fun!


  1. I thought Season 2 of OITNB a little slow, but it ended so perfectly. Stick with it!
    Oh, I loaded your button onto my blog roll. You can find mine here:

    1. We finished it up, and it was pretty good I must say. We started House of Cards since, and we are already into season 2. It's awesome! I added your button to my blog roll!


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