Poppin’ Towards Summer Break

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Nine days and counting until summer break 2015!  
I’m excited for some relaxation, but I’m really going to miss this group of kiddos.  And, I’ve already got several PD sessions & meetings with my new Kindergarten team planned over the summer – so I’ll still be fairly busy.
Since we’re down to to our last 2 weeks together, it was time to get our end of year countdown going!
I blogged about this idea [last year], but wanted to share it again because it has been one of my most popular blog posts.  Plus, I’ve updated the FREEBIE that goes with it.
The whole idea behind this countdown is that it’s super visual, and FUN!  Each day we pop a balloon to reveal the secret message inside.  Each message contains a fun activity for the day (most of them free).
Here’s a look at what we will be doing each day:
(9) Stinky Feet Day
(8) Write in Ink Pens
(7) Shaving Cream Day
(6) Sunglasses (to go with our field day)
(5) Marker Day
(4) Dance Party
(3) Sidewalk Chalk
(2) Bubble Gum Day
(1) Bubbles Day
If you use a countdown like this, be sure to lay out what you will be doing each day and write them down (or take a picture like I did).  Otherwise you run into my rookie mistake last year of not remembering what is in each balloon.  That fiasco led to me popping all of the balloons one day after school and re-creating the whole countdown – not so fun.
To get the little messages inside the balloons, simply fold them up and slide them into the balloon, then fill with air.  So easy!
The kids really are so excited to pop the balloon each day and see what fun is in store.  It’s also nice because I don’t pop ours until midway through the day, so if behavior is slipping it’s a nice tool to have for redirecting kiddos.
If you’d like a copy of the cards that I use, you can download it [here].  This is a completely redesigned version of last years’ countdown cards.  These cards are ink friendly and can be printed on fun colors!

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