Exploring Early Literacy: Print Awareness, Letter Knowledge/Sounds & Handwriting

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Having trouble finding activities to get those pre-readers engaged and mastering those skills? Look no further! These phonological awareness activities are just the ticket for enhancing pre-reader level skills. Use the pre and post-assessments to let your data guide your instruction, pinpointing exactly what your students need for success!


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Do you teach young learners who are building their foundation in early literacy skills? If you’re tired of wondering how to effectively teach print awareness, letter knowledge, letter sounds, and/or handwriting OR gathering resources stresses you out then this resource is for you!

This PDF resource was designed to be your one-stop-shop for early literacy skills including:

  1. Print Awareness (Concepts of Print)
  2. Letter Knowledge
  3. Letter Sounds
  4. Handwriting

So how does it work?

I recommend using the included binder cover, spine, divider pages and tabs to set up a binder that houses all of the resources. This makes sure you have exactly what you need at your fingertips for planning and making copies.

Each subsection includes a pre/post assessment so you can determine where your students are, what instruction would best benefit them and track progress towards mastery.

Based on your pre-assessment data, select from the included mini-lessons that walk you step-by-step through the entire lesson including what to say and what students should respond with. No more wondering how to teach these foundational skills – the work is done for you!

The resource was designed so you can use the included materials whole group, small group or independently depending on your individual classroom needs.

From there, use any of the included printable activities to enhance either whole group or small group instruction.

Want MORE early literacy resources? Check out our Exploring Early Literacy BUNDLE of resources! By purchasing now (while resources are currently being created and added) you get the best price possible! The finished set will include these 5 resources:

  1. Print awareness, letter knowledge, letter sounds, and handwriting
  2. Word level phonological awareness (sentence segmentation, blending, segmentation, and deletion)
  3. Syllable level phonological awareness (blending, segmentation, and deletion)
  4. Onset-rime level phonological awareness (rhyme, generate rhyme, categorization, blending, segmentation)
  5. Phoneme level phonological awareness (isolation, identity, categorization, blending, segmentation, deletion, addition, substitution)


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