Kindergarten Reading and Math Intervention Binder – No Prep BUNDLE

Say hello to targeted support that’s as easy as print and go.  This reading and math intervention toolkit has been designed to seamlessly integrate into your small group instruction and empowers you to provide personalized interventions with ease in your Kindergarten classroom. Explore the comprehensive, no-prep materials that nurture both reading and math skills, allowing you to guide your students towards success. Click preview below to learn more about the impact of tailored intervention on student growth.

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This BUNDLE includes my Reading Intervention Binder – No Prep and Math Intervention Binder – No Prep! You can visit each link to get a more in-depth look at each of these binders.


With the shift towards RTI (Response to Intervention) it is more important than ever that we as educators provide targeted instruction for our at-risk students. But, who has the time to print endless center materials, laminate them, cut them out, and differentiate all of these for all of your students??? Even though I have the best intentions of doing this, I certainly know that I don’t always have that kind of time.


That’s why I created my Reading and Math Intervention Binders. This 402 page zip file is full of targeted intervention activities for your at-risk students. The skills in this packet are targeted for Kindergarten & 1st Grade students (1st Grade skills are focused on beginning of year). With this resource it is easier than ever to differentiate your interventions and truly allow every student to work on the skills that he/she needs to work on without spending hours prepping.


These binders can be used in so many ways! You can print the whole packet off, place it in sheet protectors in a binder, and allow students to work on the pages with a dry erase marker. No more making copy after copy! You can utilize these resources for intervention time. You can utilize these resources for centers. You can make copies of specific pages for students to complete as independent work or homework. The possibilities are endless! Stop spending your precious time prepping activity after activity!


The activities in these binders are aligned with the skills tested on the NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test for Reading and Math. However, it will be useful to all teachers regardless of whether your school uses the MAP test or not.


Included in the Reading packet are sections that focus on:

*Phonological Awareness

—Pictures with same beginning sounds, Pictures with same ending sounds, Pictures with same short/long vowel sounds, Blending phonemes, Blending onset and rime, Rhyming words (word families), Substituting Sounds, Syllables


*Concepts of Print

—Visual discrimination of letters, Parts of a book, Identifying letters, Alphabetic order, Word concepts, Environmental print



—Matching illustrations to a story (characters, setting, details), Main idea, Location information/details, Sequence of events, Literary Devices & techniques, Literary elements



—Consonant sounds, Initial consonant, Consonant blends & clusters, Consonant digraphs, Final consonant, Short vowels, R-controlled vowels, Vowel teams, Final E, Onset & Rime, Syllabication


*Vocabulary & Word Structure

—Identifying sight words, Picture vocabulary, Content vocabulary, Homophones, Synonyms, Antonyms, Prefixes & suffixes, Root or base words, Compound words, Contractions



—Editing & proofreading, Pre-writing & planning, Drafting, Revising, Fiction vs. non-fiction, Grammar, Parts of speech, Types of sentences, Punctuation/Spelling/Capitalization, Format of sentences & phrases


Included in the Math packet are sections that focus on:

*Number Sense

—Number Identification, Counting, Counting On (Forward & Backward), Writing Numbers, One More & One Less, and Number Words



—Addition (vertical & horizontal) 0-5, 6-10, 11-20, Subtraction (vertical & horizontal) 0-10, Mixed Addition & Subtraction (horizontal & vertical)


*Problem Solving

—Addition Word Problems (0-20), Subtraction Word Problems (0-20), Pick the Operation


*Statistics &Probability

—Picture Graphs, Bar Graphs, Tally Charts, Tables, Sorting Objects, Line Plots


*Measurement & Geometry

—Identifying Appropriate Measurement Tools, Weight, Capacity, Length, Calendar, Location Words, Shapes



—Creating Equal Groups, Extending Patterns, Identifying Pattern Rules, Selecting Operations for Equations


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  1. Julie B.

    My students loved using this resource for Reading and Math, it made it so easy and took the stress out of finding activities to fit what I wanted to do.

  2. Ashley R.

    Love these intervention activities. Really helps me with my small groups. The students stay engaged and love it.

  3. Candi B.

    I love using these resources in our small groups. The lessons are engaging and the students seem to really pick up on the main idea. Thank you for the resource!!

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