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Redesign small-group literacy in your classroom and experience the magic of decodable readers in building foundational decoding skills. Thoughtfully designed to harmonize with Science of Reading research. Explore step-by-step lesson plans, interactive activities, and a growing collection of decodable readers crafted to kindle the joy of reading in your K-2nd grade classroom.  Click preview below to learn more and embark on your own literacy transformation!

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Cover phonics skills in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade using Decodable Readers with this GROWING Bundle of already done for you books, lessons, and activities. These ready-to-use decodable books include lesson plans, activities, and more to go along with each book, giving back the time you’ve spent planning multiple small group reading lessons each week.

This GROWING bundle of decodable readers will give your students the chance to decode words as well as learn to recognize tons of different phonics patterns while using these books. Each book includes an already done for you lesson plan, before, during, and after reading activities, segmenting activities, guided reading and more!

This GROWING Bundle of Decodable Readers includes:

⭐️ Consonants (36 books)

⭐️ Short Vowels – A, E, I, O and U (20 books)

⭐️ Blends – R L and S blends (15 books)

⭐️ Digraphs (24 books)

⭐️ Silent E (15 books)

⭐️ R Controlled Vowels (15 books)

⭐️ Double Final Consonants (12 books)

⭐ Soft C and Soft G (12 books)

⭐️ Trigraphs (9 books)

⭐️ Suffixes pt. 1 (coming soon!)

⭐️ Diphthongs (coming soon!)

⭐️ Suffixes pt. 2 (coming soon!)


Use these books during your kindergarten, first grade, or second grade small group reading time to allow your students to have explicit instruction using the phonics patterns they need to be focusing on. Allow them to learn to recognize and read words using these patterns rather than relying on pictures to read.


Included in this GROWING Decodable Reading Bundle is:

  • 59 low-prep decodable reading books – 4 books for each sound
  • 59 done for lesson plans to go along with each book
  • Before, during, and after reading activities that are low prep
  • Activities that can be used with multiple books for each phonics pattern to allow for less prep time
  • Guided writing activities for each book
  • Segmenting mats with word cards that follow each of the phonics patterns included.



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