Spotlight on Awesome Halloween Reading Center Games that will make you Shriek BOO!

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Don’t let literacy centers give you the SPOOKS.  We all know that when students are engaged during the reading block that learning is enhanced and behavior management runs smoothly.  Today I’d love to share with you 6 fantastic games that promote mastery of word family recognition, letter recognition, letter sounds, CVC blending and segmenting, sight words, and even critical thinking/problem solving.  In the spirit of Halloween, we’ll keep things slightly spooky – but never scary!

Bippity, Boppity, BUMP! is a fast-paced game of BUMP where students spin a spinner read the CVC/word family word shown, and cover a corresponding picture.  Students can “BUMP” another player’s token of a picture until it is “locked” by having two counters on it.  Students will build word family recognition and automaticity without even knowing they’re learning!

Witches, Wizards, and Words! is a board game that focuses on short vowel CVC words.  You (or students) can choose from one of 5 boards to play on – one for each of the vowels.

Do your students love puzzles?  Double, Double, Potions and Puzzles is a set of 3 puzzles where students use their knowledge of letters recognition and beginning sounds to assemble festive Halloween images.

Frankenrhymes?  Think rhyming dominos.  In this game students work together or independently to match rhyming pairs and complete the domino train.

Black Cat Bingo is a completely EDITABLE bingo game for some serious fall fun!  Choose 10 sight words, letters, cvc words, etc. and type them into the editable form in the file.  The file will automatically populate bingo calling cards and 10 different bingo playing cards.

SPOOKY-Doku is a twist on the number version of Sudoku.  Students work to complete each of the rows and columns so that only one of each picture is in each.  I love this game for building problem solving and critical thinking skills.

I can not wait for October so that I can roll these Halloween Literacy Games out!  They are going to pair perfectly with my [Halloween Math Center Games]!  You can check out the reading games on TpT by clicking the image below!






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