Valentine’s Themed Time Bingo!

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Happy February!

I may be a little late, BUT doesn’t the saying go “better late than never?” 

We are finishing up a 6 week unit on measurement this week, and our culminating week will be spent finishing time to the hour and half-hour.  With all of the intense learning that has been taking place since we returned from winter break, I have been itching to get a Bingo game in with my scholars lately… Luckily, we have a built in “Kindness Day” party on Friday.  I am literally so excited to have a chance to just have a great time with my kiddos – everything is always so go, go, go that it will be nice to have a little break for some real FUN! I set off to find a great Valentine’s themed Bingo game that would help to review reading time to the hour and half-hour.  To my shock (literally), I could not find anything with this theme for this standard on TPT!  I literally kept searching and searching because I figured it had to be a mistake.  Finally, I decided that I would just create one myself!  Below are the results of my fleeting moment of focus and creativity.  Check out the full product on my TPT store.

The Bingo set includes 24 different Bingo cards with analog clocks and a calling card showing digital time for each time.  This set only included time to the hour and half-hour.

And, what the heck, the first two readers who correctly post the grade level that I teach and the mascot of my college will receive the full Bingo set for free!  You may have to do a little research for that second bit – but hey that’s what Google is for!

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