Wordless Wednesday: Classroom Decorations

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Hey y’all!
Time for a quick Wordless Wednesday post with Christina from [Sugar and Spice] before I get started on prepping to work in my classroom today.
Here’s my picture for today:
Each day after working in my classroom (and the next morning before heading in) I’ve been getting things prepped to go on the walls.  Yesterday afternoon I spent time laminating and cutting out my new alphabet strip and word wall letters.  I LOVE how they came out!  BTW I completely forgot that I had a laminator at home because it was in a box in the garage from a couple of moves ago – luckily I found it when we were going through some the other day.  It was like Christmas in August!
My question for you is, do you like to decorate your room with your own creations, or with products from other’s (teacher stores, TPT, etc.)?


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