Wordless Wednesday: Favorite Thing to Teach

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It’s Wednesday, and I’m feeling rested after the trip to Mexico, so I’m linking up with Christina from [Sugar and Spice] for Wordless Wednesday!
Check back tomorrow for a post about the trip to Mexico!  It was so much fun, but it’s always nice to be home after a trip!
I was cleaning out the pictures on my phone camera, and I came across these gems!
I must say that teaching shapes was probably my favorite thing to teach last year.  I love how hands-on teaching shapes can be!  We used pattern blocks to explore how shapes can fit together.  You can grab those super cool Dr. Seuss pattern block pages [here].  We also used some fun iPad apps and even did an experiment with 3D shapes to see which would roll, slide, or do both.  We made a life-sized venn diagram out of hula hoops, and I printed off the labels.
What is your favorite thing to teach?

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