Wordless Wednesday: Organized From the Get Go!

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Back to School 2015.
It’s in full swing, y’all!
I’ve been spending a good bit of time in my new classroom going through the previous teacher’s sh-tuff (and she left a lot because she retired)!
I’ll be headed there in just a bit to start putting all my newly-organized materials away, but thought I’d link up with Christina from [Miss DeCarbo at Sugar and Spice] for a Wordless Wednesday post AND because I truly need your help!

Here’s where you come in…
I know it looks scary!!!  Look away if need be!  However, before you run off screaming, answer one question for me.  
Do you prefer organizing literacy and math centers/materials in file folders or tubs?  My school doesn’t utilize a ton of worksheets, so most of what I have are teacher-made examples, center materials, games, etc so I’m thinking tubs, but here’s the kicker… I’ve never been organized enough get things together like this!  Therefore, share your thoughts on file folders or tubs, please!


  1. I use folders. Most things I have in centers (cards, dice, letter magnets) are used for more than one. I try to avoid the "seasonal" stuff, but that may just be because my kids are grade 4.

    Fun in Fourth

  2. I have a combination of storage options. Game/activities with their own parts go in ziploc bags in bins. I try to keep printables only as an electronic version- as few papers as possible– but the paper ones I have are in bins, too, or in slip sheets in binders. Manipulatives that are used in many activities- spinners, counters, letters- I keep together in their own bins for kids to get out themselves. I don't file anything as far as kid activities go. Hope this helps. There really are so many ways teachers do it. No one way alone works for me. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  3. Hi Bryce! Another TX teacher here! I personally prefer TUBS, but my new intervention room is tiny so I may need to make some changes. Good luck with going through sh..tuff left behind #petpeeve lol 🙂 Happy Wednesday

  4. Hi! I use tubs depending on what it is! In some centers I just get wash buckets from target (you'll see them by the dish racks, they're about 15×10 or so), and throw the materials in there. I have several of these in my room, so when I need them, there they are! I also have weekly folders that go with the lesson for my own storage. Hope this helped!
    Flipping into First

  5. Tubs and zip lock bags are a must in my classroom. However, when I put the materials away after we're done using them, I typically put them in a manila envelope, label it and put it in a milk crate to store it away. I don't have a ton of space to store everything in tubs when they're not in use!

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