5 for Friday: Back to Work!

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It’s Friday!!!  I’m extra excited about this particular Friday because, well, you’ll see soon enough!  I’m linking up with [Doodle Bugs] for her Five for Friday linky party!  I’ve missed a couple of weeks because of travel, and well, just being a bit lazy.
Here are 5 random things from my week…
Today is the new teacher Meet and Greet at my new school!  I’m so excited to meet all of the new teachers!  I’m even more excited because I get to start moving into my classroom after the Meet and Greet.   The mister is going to be so excited that our home office is no longer bombarded with boxes containing all my classroom stuff.
My car is all packed and ready for today!

Moving right along with my first day in the classroom, it’s sort of been like Christmas in July at the Sizemore-Burke household.  Border, cutouts, lanterns, this and that, all arriving just in time to decorate today!  Is it sad that I found a new teacher store yesterday and was completely enthralled shopping there for over an hour??  The result was the kitchen table looking like this for much of Thursday…
BTW… These awesome little plastic storage containers are on sale at [Office Max] for 25 cents until August 2nd!  I believe they also had them in blue or pink.  These are perfect for storing dice or counters, anything small!  For some reason that price doesn’t show up online, but it was advertised when I went yesterday at the store.
Besides moving into my classroom today, this planner may be the next most exciting thing that has happened all week!  I kept browsing online for a teacher planner, but wasn’t finding exactly what I was looking for.  Either I didn’t want to wait 4 weeks for it to come in, or the designs were all much to feminine, or the price tag hurt my heart (literally!).  So what did I do?  Yeah… I designed my own!
It is exactly what I wanted and the grand total **drumroll please** was only $13!!!  Please tell me where you can find a paper planner for that price!  Just to be clear… I already owned all of the clip art so I didn’t include that in the total.  I also only included the price of the paper I used from an entire pack.  
The mister printed the planner off for me at work onto 65 lb paper (gotta make sure it lasts the year) and then I took it to Office Depot to have the covers laminated with 10 mil lamination and the whole thing bound.  Oh, and I didn’t have to wait 4 weeks for a personalized teacher planner!
You can read more about my planner and see more pictures of it [here].

I was perusing Facebook this week, shocker I know, and came across an awesome bulletin board made by a friend from middle school!
I love how simple it is – I never thought to write directly onto the butcher paper!  I am also in love with the quote.  I feel like this quote needs to end up somewhere, now if I could only write so artistically…
Looking for a delicious dinner idea? 
This week I made [Chicken Parmesan Quinoa]!  (I borrowed the picture from their website because my picture came out too dark!)  But let me tell you… it’s delicious.  That’s really all that can be said!  It’s actually somewhat healthier than regular chicken parm – no fried chicken or pasta.  I love traditional chicken parm, but this still hit the spot!
If you want to see more random greatness, head over to [DoodleBugs] to visit lots of other great teacher blogs!


  1. I love everything you shared! The planner is so neat, and such a great alternative to the super girly ones that you usually find on TpT. The bulletin board quote is awesome – kids will love it!

    Have a great weekend!

    – Abbey from Tremendous First Grade Tales

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