5 for Friday: Shopping Sprees, Productivity, and Sun!

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Another week of summer is coming to an end… Part of me wants it to slow down, and part of me is ready to get back to work.  I will say I’m leaning towards summer slowing down, haha!

Since it’s Friday, I’m linking up with DoodleBugs for her 5 for Friday linky (what else would I be doing on a Friday??)  Here’s my 5 random things from this week…
This week I went on a little shopping spree, OK, 2 to be exact…
First, I went to Hobby Lobby to grab a few things for some things that I am making.  Well of course they were having a sale!  Almost all of the stamps/stamp pads, cardstock, and scrapbook paper was all 50% off!  I was pretty excited!  I also went and grabbed one of those drawer organizers from Home Depot, also on sale for $10, and I will be giving it a makeover this weekend.
Then, I went on a bit of an online shopping spree.  Of course some of my purchases had to be some new swimsuits for Mexico!  (Also on sale.)  I LOVE them!!  I kind of feel like the king of sales this week…
Here’s a pic from the little nuggets 1st birthday party last weekend.   Check out that little ham and the mister!  

This week I finished my Ending Digraph: Sound, Sort, and Spell packet and bundled it with the Beginning Digraph packet.  I am so excited about this [Digraph Bundle]!  Love this idea for some hands on practice with digraphs.

If you follow the First Grade Stampede Facebook, you had a chance to get this a Freebie earlier this week!  If you don’t follow the FB page already, you can head [this way].

These will go perfect with the digraph sticks that I made a couple of weeks ago.  You can check out how I made them [here].

I’m headed to the pool for the day!  As soon as I get this post finished and a workout in, I’m meeting up with a good friend to chill in the sun!  I dunno about you, but I love lounging by a pool and soaking up some rays!  I also need some sun so that I can get more of a base tan before going to Mexico next week!

6 more days until I am laying by the pool here!!

Happy Friday y’all!  Head over to [DoodleBugs] to check out some other 5 for Friday posts!

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  1. So I am wanting one the the drawer organizers for task cards and such. I am glad I saw your post about Home Depot having them on sale. Maybe I will have the hubby watch the kids so I can drive over there!

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