Another First AND Favorite Things: Morning Must-Haves

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Summer classes for grad school have officially started as of yesterday! I am really excited to be with my cohort again and to begin completing my LAST semester of grad school classes!  Needless to say I am already up to my ears with reading and assignments that need to be completed, but I clearly decided to take a break from that (while I still can).  Plus, I have some updates I really wanted to share.

Let’s start off by saying that I knew that my first year of teaching was going to be jam packed with many “firsts” for me.  Well let me just say that on Sunday afternoon I got to experience not one, but two “firsts.”

To start off, I received an e-mail from my principal stating that he needed to speak with me about some updates but that I was not to worry.  So what was the first thing I did?  Yes, worry.  So I e-mailed him back and said I was available to speak that afternoon.  So here are my two new “firsts.”

  1. He informed me that they needed to move some teachers around to different grade levels and that was going to effect the grade level I was offered.  There went all of my fun second grade stuff I have found AND the name of this blog.  Oh well, lesson learned on naming blogs…  However, I decided to be completely optimistic about this news and asked what grade level they would be placing me in at this point.
  2. Well… I will now be teaching FIRST grade next year!  Okay okay, maybe this goes with the statement above, but I couldn’t resist the play on words.  I am actually really excited to teach first grade and know that I will still have a great first year teaching!
To go ahead and further postpone my reading, I am linking up with Halle at Across the Hall in 2nd for her “Favorite Things” linky.  The topic this week is Morning-Must Haves.
My first morning must-have is my Origins skin care regimen.  I switched to Origins a couple of months ago and have never looked back.  The products have worked great for my skin and it’s always nice to start the morning off with them!
Another absolute must for me in the morning, similar to many others, is coffee.  I was never a really big coffee drinker, then I started grad school…  Since then, my Keurig has been my best friend and my saving grace when I wake up at 4:30 AM to get my reading done; and yes I do wake up that early (my brain does not function at night)!


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