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My first week of summer classes is OVER!  Clearly that means that it is time for a brain break and to share my week with everyone.  Let me just say that this week back in grad school has me feeling completely drained!  Two courses (Learning Environment & Professionalism and Diverse Learners) being covered in 3 weeks and 2 days of M-Th classes is a blur and I almost never feel “caught up.”

So what better way to take a break and share about my week than to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her 5 for Friday linky party.

1.  First of all, I am so excited that my DonorsChoose project has been approved and is now live!  I have become overwhelmed lately thinking about all of the materials that I need to have for my scholars to be successful.  I know that many teachers say that you can accumulate a classroom library over time, but I am worried that my scholars will be at a deficit if I can not provide them with a rich library filled with fiction and non-fiction texts during my first year.  I am so humbled that my DonorsChoose project has already been doing so well.  If you would like to view the project please go to MyDonorsChooseProject.  DonorsChoose is even matching donations dollar for dollar by typing in the code ‘INSPIRE’!
2.  As I have already mentioned, classes have started back!  This has honestly consumed the majority of my time this week.  It is very stressful moving through courses this quickly, but both of my professors are great and I have been learning SO much the past few days!
3.  Today is our 2 year anniversary!  I am so happy to have reached this milestone and look forward to many more.
This is us in Berlin over our New Year’s trip in Europe!
4.  We got our Pedro the donkey pictures into the reclaimed barn wood frames that we picked up last weekend in Canton!!  It felt so good to get the photos that we bought almost 2 months ago into proper frames.  Our bedroom is finally starting to take on the feel that we are looking for.  Here is a peek at the finished work!

5.  Finally, beginning on Thursday afternoon I have started going through staff development training at the cheerleading gym that I coach at.  I know a lot of people don’t really like to go through staff development, but ours is definitely a great time while also getting a lot done.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary Bryce – many more years to come! Congrats on your first donors choose project as well – it has been such an amazing resource for my class! I am going to check your project out in a minute. So this will be your first year? That is so awesome, I am a second grade teacher as well (in TX). I am your newest follower! Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. I just noticed that you in the Dallas area too. I am in Frisco (Little Elm ISD). Please let me know if there is anything you need to help you through your first year!

    1. Heidi,

      What a small world! I'm excited to meet another teacher from the area! This is my first year teaching and I was hired to be 2nd grade (hence the blog name), but I was switched to 1st grade about a week ago because my principal felt some of the returning teachers needed to move around and that ended up effecting my placement as well.

      BTW, thank you so much for supporting my DonorsChoose project! I am so excited it is going so well. I just visited your blog and I'm intrigued by the pirate book – may have to look into purchasing it!

  3. Happy Anniversary Bryce! According to Hallmark, people usually give cotton or china for a second anniversary. I decided to stray from the traditional gifts and made a donation to your fabulous DonorsChoose project. I wasn't able to use the 'inspire' code though. DonorsChoose thanked me kindly for trying and said I've used up my limit of inspiration. I tried though!

    Your newest follower,


    1. Lori,

      Thank you! Looking back, I'm not sure how the time flew by so quickly! I hear that as the anniversaries go by that they seem to pass quicker and quicker. Thanks again for supporting my DonorsChoose project; I am so excited to see the support that it is receiving.

  4. Congratulations on your new adventure in 2nd grade! I've been a 4th grade teacher for 20 years, but next year I moving down to 2nd. It will be like being a first year teacher all over again, but I am super excited.

    Good luck with your Donors Choose project!

    1. Kristin,

      That is awesome; I can imagine the feeling of starting fresh will is exciting! I was trying to go to your blog link to check it out, but the link isn't working. Can you send me the address?

  5. Congrats on your anniversary, project acceptance and new adventure teaching. If I were you I'd start checking out goodwill and yard sales to get started. Don't forget just checking out a bunch of books at you library isn't a bad idea either. You will get there it just takes some time.

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