5 for Friday Linky Party! (June 21st)

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I have a confession to make…

I think that I may be I am addicted to Doodle Bugs’ 5 for Friday linky party!  I love being able to sit down on Friday mornings and reflect on my week and everything that I was able to accomplish (or move to the back burner).  It always makes me feel like I was super productive during the week, and thankfully this week I actually was fairly productive didn’t have to push many things to the side.

1.  First of all, this week I read “Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key” for my Diverse Learners class.  Let me begin by saying that if you have not read this book then you need to get to your local library or Half Price Books immediately!  Seriously.  Basically, the story is told through the eyes of a young boy who has difficulty controlling his impulses due to his ADHD (I don’t think the author ever mentions this as a title for the difficulties he has).  Of course I felt a lot of sadness for Joey as the story began to develop and as details about his background were explained, but in the end he is placed in the hands of a caring case worker who helps him to get the correct medication (not that I am a proponent of medication).  But, more importantly he helps him learn that he must find ways to control his impulses and engage in correct behavior.   Jack Gantos does a fantastic job of providing a realistic story line, and I think this book would be such a great read-aloud for younger students, or independent reading for older students.  What better way to shed light on ADHD and other diversities for all students in the classroom than great literature??

2.  I am excited to say that, as of Wednesday night, the Donor’s Choose project that I started last week is now completely funded!  It is a huge relief to me to know that my classroom library will be stocked with a wide variety of non-fiction books.  I am now working on a list of various fiction books/genres to purchase for my library.  I even inspired one of my friends and cohort member to start a Donor’s Choose project of her own!  She will be teaching Kindergarten at a sister charter school next year.  I had originally planned to provide a link to her project so everyone could check it out, but her project just received full funding!

3.  We had to take the babies to the vet this week to get tested for heart worms and get their general check-up.  They were both good boys and did so well.  They are starting a new medication for heart worm and flea prevention which I know will make them (and us) so happy now that they are spending more time outdoors.  We found out that Carson has put on a considerable amount of weight since being neutered and he is having to go on a puppy diet.  We have cut his food intake by 25% and started adding fresh carrots and green beans to his food.  My dogs are weird and both LOVE vegetables, so this works out perfectly!  The vet said the green beans are full of fiber to make him feel full and have very few calories.   I didn’t get a photo of them at their office visit because Carson gets a little “excited” when he goes on trips, but here are the little guys up to their normal routine, which generally consists of sleeping, eating, and being so cute that I can’t say no!

4.  I know I’ve posted a lot about our bedroom decorations, but if you had to live in the small “bedroom” that was in our old studio apartment for 2 years then you would be excited for a fresh start, too!  Since we decided to do a modern western theme in the room, we were on the lookout for bedding that would fit perfectly.  I started searching on Etsy for modern quilts and found LastStrawArts.  She had an awesome duck silhouette quilt and made a custom one for us in the colors that we wanted!  We decided to go with a gray top, yellow backing, and turquoise accents to match the night stands we found last time we went to Canton.  The quilt finally came in today and I am so excited for everyone to see the end result!  You can visit her Etsy store by following this link:  LastStrawArts.

5.  Finally, this week I started working on my “Meet the Teacher” night presentation and handouts.  I might be completing this a lot sooner than some teachers and many may have one from previous years, but it is also part of my final project for my Learning Environment and Professionalism class.  I also volunteered to give my presentation in class next Wednesday so I want it to be as close to the real presentation that I will give to my first grade parents in August as possible.  I have decided to include these sections in my presentation:  About the Teacher, Daily Schedule, Classroom Procedures/Consequences,  Big Ideas, Homework Policy, Field Trips, Volunteer Opportunities, Communication, and Testing Dates.  First grade in Texas does not take state testing, but my school does do MAP testing at first grade.  I will share my project when I complete it!  Do you use PowerPoint, Prezi, or something else for your “Meet the Teacher” night?  What other information do you make sure to include at your “Meet the Teacher” night?


  1. Just found your blog through Five for Friday and am a new follower. I am also a fellow second grade teacher blogger! Congrats on getting your Donors Choose project fully funded–always exciting when that happens! The pics of your dogs are adorable–my pooch gets visited from the mobile vet for the same things next Tuesday. It's that time of year… I will be back to read future posts!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  2. Jack Gantos once visited my school. He was a great speaker. What I remember most was he showed the kids how to make a neighborhood map to inspire their own writing. He had great stories about his childhood neighborhood. I've used it every year in Writing Workshop.

    Your dogs are adorable! I'd feed them, too. We give our dog carrots, but call them "orange bones". He LOVES them and will do just about anything for one. I am going to have to try giving him green beans. He is a little chubby, too.


  3. Your blog design is soooooo cute. I love it! I just found you through Five For Friday too. When I created my blog this year I thought I'd better keep my name a little more generic – even though I've taught for 23 years and most of it has been in second grade – the day I name my blog "second grade…" will be the day my grade changes. lol Sure enough, I'm moving schools and I will be either 2 or 3 so we'll see. I'm sure you'll be back in second one day!

    Congratulations on being a new teacher! I still remember the day I started. It feels like yesterday. I'd love to give you my "I'm the Special Helper" for your grade one class from my TPT store to get you going in Aug/Sept. Consider it a new teacher gift. ๐Ÿ™‚ If you'd like it, email me at youhavethewritestuff@gmail.com You can see it at my TPT store – TheWriteStuff. Cheers!

    I'm your newest follower.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Shelley

    The Perks of Teaching Primary

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Shelley

  4. Congrats on your donor choose getting funded! I really would like to do one.. did you do a lot of advertizing on it? I'm just nervous that mine wouldn't get funded. Any advice would be awesome! And you've reminded me I need to get my puppies to the vet too! And yea for Texas teachers ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reaching for the TOP!

    1. Amanda, I did not do a whole lot of advertising honestly. I had several donors who just happened upon my project and donated money to it. I did have it linked to my Facebook so every time a donation was made there was an automatic post to FB. I also told a bunch of family and friends.

      I say go for it! There is nothing to lose even if it does not get fully funded ๐Ÿ™‚


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