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It’s been a long, hot minute since I’ve linked up with Farley over at [Oh Boy 4th Grade] for a currently post.  I’m feeling especially productive today, and it’s rainy – so why not join in on the fun?
Listening:  I’ll admit that I’m a sucker from QVC during the holidays.  I usually start tuning in around October and can’t seem to turn it off until after Christmas.  I don’t buy often, but sometimes that perfect gift idea that you haven’t thought of pops up!  Don’t judge me!
Loving:  Today the mister and I ran our first 5K race.  So proud to say I finished in under 24 minutes, finished 4th in my age group, and finished 33rd out of 243 overall.  The competitiveness in me is ready to take a medal next time!
Thinking:  As I said, I feel super productive today which hasn’t happened for awhile.  My brain is brimming with things I want to get done for school this week, for upcoming TPT products, and just some time to relax!
Wanting:  Now that I’ve gotten into running (and think I may want to try a triathlon in the future), I want an awesome running/cycling watch.  I haven’t had great luck with the Jawbone fitness trackers – 2 have broken on me.  So I’m currently looking at the Garmin Vivoactive Black . It happens to be on sale right now, so it just may happen!
Needing:  My goal this year was to stay focused.  I think that overall looking back I’ve done a fairly good job, with dips here and there.  I’m hoping to finish the year off strong!
Yummy:  It’s not a recipe, but it’s November 1st so cue the Starbucks’ holiday drinks!  We’re indulging after our 5K today with a Skinny Peppermint Mocha Latte.  AND a grande is only 160 calories!

Head over to Farley’s blog to see other currently posts!  Happy November!


  1. You are super motivated! I miss running (bad knee, foot, etc.) Keep going for as long as you can! I may just have to head out for a Starbucks latte……sounds delicious.

  2. Wow congrats of completing your 1st 5k, especially in such good timing! I LOVE all of Starbucks holiday drinks! The skinny peppermint mocha used to be my go to but right now I am loving the chestnut praline latte! Have you tried it?! Have a great week!

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