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Y’all… it’s December!!  Can you believe it?  This year may be one for the record books in terms of flying by.  While I love, love, love October – December sure does give it a run for it’s money.  It’s such a cheerful time!  A new month also means a link up with Farley from [Oh Boy 4th Grade].
Listening:  Like many of you, I usually watch the news first thing in the morning as I sip on a cup of coffee.  I like being updated on what’s going on, but I do wish we could sometimes focus a little more on positive things that are happening!
Loving:  This colder weather is awesome!!!  I love getting to break out the long sleeves and vests.
Thinking:  The month of December at my school is highly focused on the All School Program that is put on the last Friday before winter break.  Every grade level is broken into 3 groups to perform at 3 programs.  All the groups do the same performance, but because of how many people come to watch the school have separate performances.  Our theme this year is “Growth and Change” and Kindergarten is focusing on friendships.  We’ve got a fun Bruno Mars song to sing, but today we start choreographing the kiddos movements.  So excited!

:  I definitely want to finish the next 2 1/2 weeks strong.  We’ve been pushing in literacy to make those last few gains before F&P assessing starts.  I’ve seen a ton of growth and want to keep that momentum going.  It’s also a crazy time at the school with All School Program, so keeping my mind straight is a must!
Needing:  I’m headed to a Project-Based Learning workshop this morning, and I’ve been working on our Solar System PBL plans.  Unfortunately my printer hates me and won’t print! 
Real or Faux:  Real!  We’ve had a fake tree in the past, but last year two of the legs on it broke (it may have had a TON of ornaments!).  So this year we opted for a real tree, and I’m loving it!  The smell of a real Christmas tree can’t be beat!
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  1. I totally agree with you! The smell of a real tree can't be beat. I just took the easy way out this year and bought a faux tree. I wish our school had a whole school performance at the end of the year, good luck with the Bruno Mars song!

  2. If you lived up here, you would not be wishing for any colder weather. LOL! A school wide performance sounds fun! We used to do that at my previous school. But two schools closed and moved into a super school. It is unfortunately too big to fit all of the parents for a school wide event. Have fun at your workshop!!
    Barton's Buzz

  3. The school program sounds likes its going to be SO fun! I too am loving the cooler weather. Finally time to get out the boots and scarves!!
    We work on PBL all the time! Your solar system project sounds great. Hope you blog about it.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks Carrie! I've already broke out the scarves LOL. We should chat about PBL sometime! We just started our first PBL in Kindergarten and are going to start planning one for March time frame. I'll definitely blog about the solar system PBL!


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