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It’s September 1st and that means its time for a Currently post with Farley from [Oh Boy Fourth Grade].
Before I get to that though, can I just say how much I am enjoying this 3-day weekend??  I’m a huge a proponent that we should have 3-day weekends every weekend, but I guess the powers that be aren’t asking for my input on that!
Listening – I love me some Dixie Chicks.  Thank you Pandora for fueling my desire to listen to them!
Loving – I just LOVE September for so many reasons!  First, it’s my birth month which makes it an extra special month.  On September 3rd I’ll be celebrating my annual 21st birthday!  I also love September because it means the first day of Fall is oh so close, the Texas State Fair will be here soon, and we are only a month away from October!  Clearly I despise the Fall…
Thinking -Now that school is in full swing the to-do list is NEVER ending…  I just can’t decide if I want to be productive on my day off, or lounge around and drink coffee until the afternoon.  Lets be honest… the latter will most certainly win.
Wanting – I really really want a new bag to tote all my teacher crap necessities from home to school and vice versa.  I’ve got my sights set on an awesome Marc Jacobs bag.  I hope the birthday fairy is reading this!
Needing – So Friday at school I started to feel a little a sick.  *gasp*  I ALMOST made it through the first week without getting sick.  I generally get sick once MAYBE twice a year, and it’s always at the most inopportune times!  I def need it to go away fast because my new insurance hasn’t kicked in yet, so the DR is not an option at this time unless it gets unbearable.
3 Trips – So 3 places I’d love to go on vacation to but haven’t yet?  That’s easy…
1.  DC – Maybe it’s all of the Scandal and House of Cards we’ve been watching, but I def want to visit DC sometime soon!
2.  Egypt – I have always been fascinated with the pyramids and would love the chance to go see them.  Maybe one day it will be safe to go visit Egypt again!
3.  NYC – I’ve been to Europe twice but still haven’t made my way to NYC!
That’s about enough randomness for my morning.  Time to make some coffee and lounge around.  I told y’all I would be going with the lazy route today!


  1. You should try and visit New York City! I live an hour and a half from the city. I love just exploring and finding new and interesting things there. If you come you must also see a broadway show! There is nothing like it! I have been to DC once, but would love to go back. I think I might but it one my list of places to visit this year. It is only a few hours away!

    Rosie's Rambles

  2. I love September too – because Fall is coming and its my favorite season (October is my favorite month because of my birthday, my son's birthday, and Halloween – so much fun packed into one month!)
    I too have a Dixie Chicks station on my Pandora feed, and I'm not ashamed to say I often listen to it when I'm getting ready for work in the morning!
    Enjoy your day!
    Technology Timeout

  3. Isn't it such a shame that so many wonderful places are unsafe to travel in today's world? I'm not a purse person, but a new school bag does excite me too. Hope you find the perfect one. Good luck getting over your cold. Mine started yesterday, and I'm hoping that it's a quick and mild one!

    4th Works

    1. I was literally thinking that as I was typing up this post! I'm not a purse person either, or I guess the correct term would be Murse? LOL But I do need something bigger than my backpack and of course something that looks better.


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