Wordless Wednesday: First Week Surprise

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Today is a super, super, super (did I mention SUPER?) Wednesday because…
It’s my annual 21st birthday!  Ok, maybe I’m not 21, but it is my birthday!
To start off my day right, I’m linking up with Christina from [Sugar and Spice] for a Wordless Wednesday post.  
We got these little goodies the first day of school.  I am just astounded by the level of parent involvement at my school!  Not because they gave use delicious cookies (although that can only help), but because anything that I have needed thus far whether it be behavior related, supply related, whatever really they have been there to help.  I even have my own “room mom” set up by the PTA who comes and stuffs my Tuesday folders every Tuesday and communicates via e-mail to all the parents of kiddos in my room.  It does mean I have a lot more e-mails and phone calls to respond to, but if it’s all in the best interest of the kiddos it’s worth it right?
So my question for you, what is one of your favorite memories from the first week of school?

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