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You know what time of the week it is!!!  It’s Friday!  Woooooo!
Who am I kidding?  I’ve already started to feel the days run together since summer break began.  Anyway, I’m linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for a Five for Friday post!
Drumroll please….
I felt that this announcement would be very fitting as the #1 spot on my 5 for Friday list.
As many of you may know, I have decided to move to another school next year.  When I was hired, the principal told me it could be either Kindergarten, First, or Fourth Grade.  I have been waiting to hear about grade level for the last few weeks, and yesterday I found out.
One more drumroll please….
I will be teaching FIRST GRADE again next year!!!!  So excited for an even smoother transition and for the opportunity to  use all that I have accumulated this year again next year!
Pretty sure this happened to me this year…

A big focus of mine this summer is to consistently get to the gym and have awesome workouts.  I was so into fitness and then… my first year of teaching WHILE coaching part time totally smacked me in the face.  I was pretty lucky if I went a couple times a month.  BUT the good news is I am back at it and feeling great already.
For the past few weeks I’ve been following a workout from  They actually have an awesome FREE app called Bodyspace that you can download and pick from tons of different workout plans.  The coolest part is there are videos, tips, and instructions for literally every exercise.  You can choose to follow a pre-made workout plan or make your own by searching through the various exercises.
Here’s a screenshot of the search tool used for finding a workout plan.
Definitely something worth checking out if you’ve had problems trying to figure out what exercises to do or with sticking to a program.

In an effort to fill my days – ok parts of my days, since we all know there has to be SOME time where you do nothing – I have been scouring Pinterest to find ideas for next year.  Classroom decorations, lesson ideas, read aloud options – all on my radar right now.  I figure if I get it all onto my boards now when I have the time then maybe, just maybe, I’ll think to return to them during busier parts of the school year. 
My [classroom design] and [teaching math] boards seem to have been getting the brunt of my pinning extravaganza.  Check them out and see if there are any interesting pins that you might just have to pin!  

When I was setting up my classroom last summer, I couldn’t find a set of alphabet posters that I absolutely loved.  Picky, huh?  Yes… I know… So,  I made these AWESOME and colorful alphabet posters to hang in my classroom.  Each one has an animal graphic that my kids LOVED!  I got so busy with classroom setup and then the year actually starting that I never got these onto my TPT.  That is until now!  Check them out [here] and get a jump start on your classroom decor for next year.

Raise your hand if you like going to the eye doctor!  Yah, me neither.  In fact, I really don’t like going to any kind of doctor.  That’s probably why I’ve been putting off going to the optometrist for several months.  Now that I don’t have the excuse that I have to work, I’ve been good and made myself an appointment.
To make it slightly more fun, I just placed my order at Warby Parker to try on 5 pairs of glasses.  It’s actually a really cool program.  You pick 5 frames, they ship them to you so you can try them on, and then either pick one to purchase or select more to try on.  Shipping both ways is absolutely free and you only pay if you decide to buy a pair.  AND it is only $95 for the frames and lenses.  Win-win!
Lets find out just how poor my vision is now!


    1. I'm sure the change would have been nice. BUT luckily you'll be staying in a great grade! I would call it the best as well, but I only have a bit of subbing and pre-service experience to compare to other grades haha


  1. I am glad your switch worked great for you. Many years ago I switched schools and grade levels! It worked out for the best, but was a hard transition. This past year I switched from a regular class to the STEM Lab. That has been fabulous! Your alphabet set looks great- makes me wish I was a first grade teacher!

    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Carol,

      Teaching in a STEM lab would be so fun! One of the schools that I interviewed at is becoming a STEM school next year.

      Thank you for your kind words! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been working hard already this summer to get things ready for next year, and also upload them to TPT. Seems like I'm so behind everyone else, but you have to start somewhere, right?


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