Holiday Gift Guides: Teachers and Students

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It’s the time of year where you might be wondering what to get those on your list for the holidays. Whether you are a teacher looking at options for student gifts or a parent trying to decide what to get your child’s teacher, this guide will hopefully serve as a inspiration for you.

Before we jump into the guides, let’s note one thing. It is not necessary nor required to get your students or your child’s teacher(s) gifts for the holidays. This is simply meant to be a guide for those that plan on doing so.

Let’s kick off the guides with the teacher gift guide!

  1. Yeti Rambler – whether for use with hot or cold these things are AMAZING for keeping drinks a desirable temperature during the busy school day. If you own a Cricut, you can add some personalization with the teacher’s name, school name, etc!
  2. Flair Pens – a true teacher favorite. If you aren’t sure what to get your child’s teacher these are a sure win!
  3. Hand Cream – we all know that we are keeping our hands cleaner than ever, but all the washing and sanitizing creates dry hands. Hand cream is a win for giving teachers a quick relief during to that dryness.
  4. Because Virtual Teaching wine glass – well… because virtual teaching!
  5. Lanyard – a teacher lanyard is perfect for keeping classroom keys, badges and more at the ready.
  6. Amazon Gift Card – when you just can’t decide, go with a gift card!
  7. Magnetic Hooks – these babies can hold up to 22 lbs! The holiday gift you didn’t even know you needed. Trust me, these are amazing!
  8. Marble Laptop Case – we’re using technology more than ever – these covers are so easy to add a little pop of style!
  9. Classroom Doorbell – these are amazing tools for classroom management!
  10. Paper Mate Handwriting Pencils – teachers love writing with these!
  11. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker – take it from me… being able to make a quick cup of coffee right in your classroom is a GAME CHANGER. I love this one because it has a very small footprint!
  12. Teacher Toolbox – a teacher toolbox is another favorite of mine! Jazz it up with some labels before gifting and you’ve got a winner!

Alright teachers, on to student gifts! My favorite way to do student gifting is keeping it EASY and LOW cost. All of the ideas I’m sharing can be purchased in bulk then split up to create student gift bags.

  1. Paper Mate Handwriting Pencils – I shared these on the teacher list, but they belong here as well because students LOVE them!
  2. Bare Books – these are perfect for allowing students to be creative. Blank books make excellent journals. Blank puzzles and game boards lend themselves to hours of fun from creating to playing.
  3. Scholastic Book Clubs – if you’re a member of Scholastic Book Clubs, I highly recommend using the points you’ve earned from student orders to order books as gifts! They usually have several options that require minimal points!
  4. Crayola Hand Sanitizer – who doesn’t love Crayola? These mini hand sanitizers are a cute option for students to keep their hands clean.
  5. Smencils – you know you loved them as a child, and kids still get so excited about these!
  6. Puzzle Cubes – these fun brain teasers add a little challenge to the holiday season.
  7. Mini Play Doh – another great option for inspiring creativity and play.
  8. Rainbow Scratch Bookmarks – my favorite gift has always been books from Scholastic, and throwing in a fun bookmark that students can create on their own for a few cents more a child is a win in my book!
  9. Color Changing Pens – a few years ago I gave my 2nd graders one of these and a Bare Book to use as a journal and they LOVED it!

Many of the links shared in this post are Amazon affiliate links. While shopping through the links listed in this post costs nothing additional to you, I may receive a small commission from Amazon for you choosing to shop through them. As always, I appreciate your support and hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

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