How to Plan Reading & Math Centers in Half the Time

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I’m going to start off with a bold statement… STOP wasting time planning and prepping your reading centers and math centers! Whew… Ok, I feel a little better. But truly, if the endless hunt for the perfect weekly literacy and math stations is leaving you drained, I want to share my biggest secret to literally cut your planning and prepping time for centers down by at least half.

The first thing we have to consider is how we streamline our process for finding centers that meet the needs of our students while hitting standards. I highly recommend using a yearlong center curriculum, and here’s why.

You’ve likely found yourself on the hunt on Pinterest, Google, or TeacherPayTeachers scouring the internet for centers week after week. While you are probably finding what you need eventually, that’s valuable time being spent each and every week looking for centers that are engaging and meet your students’ needs. And… they aren’t even prepped at this point!

I’m sure right now you’re saying, “sure that sounds great…. but where the heck do I find a yearlong centers curriculum?” I’ve got your back, friend.

Wave goodbye to the stress of searching for engaging, standards-aligned centers week after week. Say hello to more free time and less hassle! These center games for the entire year have everything you need (and yes, students absolutely love playing them).

Click any of the images above to check out these yearlong centers!

So, now that you are saving a ton of time by not searching for centers every week I want to share the next way you’ll be saving time.

Every center activity in all 4 grade-level bundles is low prep. You know those centers that have a million pieces and take hours to laminate and cut so they are prepped? These aren’t them! Each center is designed to be super low prep and generally an entire month of activities for both reading and math can be prepped in under an hour. Throw in some mini erasers from the dollar spot and you save even more time prepping!

Did you notice how simple and clear these centers are? This makes them so easy for students to learn to engage with which reduces the time you have to spend teaching each center AND it dramatically reduces interruptions while you are running small groups. Hello win-win all around!

And, let’s face it. There is something to be said about consistency. Kids just do better with a consistent routine and expectations and incorporating familiar centers each week gives such a sense of calmness during center time.

If you’re lucky enough to have an aid, para or volunteer in your room, they can use the full-page directions that are included to instantly know how to play any of the centers and focus on what really matters – giving students the opportunity to practice the skills they have been learning.

Ready to save a ton of time planning and prepping this year? Grab a center bundle today by clicking the grade-level buttons below.

The above links will take you to the listings on TpT. If you prefer to grab them right here on our website, click here.

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