The #1 Best Teacher Planner – a deep dive inside


Welcome to the ultimate guide to The Teaching Texan teacher planner, hailed as the top choice for lesson planners among educators worldwide.

As we dive into this exploration, it’s important to note that each Teaching Texan planner is more than just a tool – it’s a testament to our commitment to quality and personalized craftsmanship. Hand-assembled in the heart of Texas by a team of dedicated teachers, each planner is meticulously crafted to ensure unrivaled excellence, making us a proud small business with a big impact.

The #1 Best Teacher Planner

I get asked all the time what makes our planners the best so here we go! In this post we’ll take a look at the features included in our teacher planners.

Essential Features of The Teaching Texan Teacher Planner:

1. Personalized and Laminated Cover: Traditional planners have a clear lack of personalization and durability. Every Teaching Texan planner comes with your choice of a personalized and laminated cover, ensuring durability and a touch of individuality that resonates with every educator. We have 32 predesigned covers for the 2024-2025 that are ready for your personalization! See all of our covers right here.

the best teacher planner cover options

2. Laminated Tabs and Clip-in Place Marker: When I first started teaching I found the planners I tried out gave me a lot of difficulty in navigating through planner sections and keeping track of important pages. So… I knew our teacher planners had to be easy to navigate through – as teachers we just don’t have time for endless flipping trying to find a reminder, plan or communication note. With laminated tabs and a clip-in place marker, organizing and accessing vital information becomes effortless, allowing teachers like you to focus more on what matters – your students.

teacher planner navigation tools

3. Stickers, Pocket Holder, and Clear-Plastic Pockets: Have you ever grabbed a lesson planner and then realized you still felt disorganized and had lack of storage for essential materials? The inclusion of stickers, a folder-style pocket holder, and 2 clear-plastic pockets ensures that teachers have the tools they need at their fingertips, keeping materials neatly organized and readily accessible.

teacher lesson planner features

Did you know? As you design your one-of-a-kind planner, you have the option to add additional sticker pages, pocket folders and plastic pockets if you’d like!

4. Comprehensive Planning Pages: And the silver bullet that will take a planner from OK to not functional? Inadequate planning space and lack of structure for lesson organization. Thankfully, our teacher planners are built around the planning pages, so you’ll enjoy a consistent planning method with ample space to write!

Something unique we offer with our teacher planners is the ability to add preprinted labels right onto your lesson plan pages! No more writing the days of the week or subjects week after week, we’ll do it for you!

lesson planner pages

From Holidays and Important Dates Pages to Year at a Glance Planning Pages, Birthday Pages, and Monthly Planning Pages, each Teaching Texan planner provides a comprehensive framework for effective lesson planning, empowering teachers to stay organized and focused throughout the academic year.

teacher planner framework pages

5. Notes Pages, Grid Pages, and Parent Communication Logs: If you love having space for jotting down notes, ideas, and communication with parents – you’ll love these next features! With dedicated Notes Pages, Grid Pages, and Parent Communication Logs, our planners offer ample room for recording thoughts, brainstorming, and fostering meaningful collaboration between teachers, parents, and students.

teacher organization pages lesson planner

And… yes. You can add additional notes pages and parent communication to your planner if you’d like!

6. Student Checklists and Durability: When designing the planner, I knew the best planner would reduce difficulty in tracking student progress and maintain its integrity through the entire school year. Featuring Student Checklists and durable construction, including a 10 mil laminated front and back cover and sturdy metal spiral binding, The Teaching Texan planner is built to withstand the rigors of daily use while providing a reliable tool for monitoring student growth and achievement.

coil binding for planner

Want to see even more? Check out the full video tour below where I walk you page by page through our teacher planner.

Don’t just take our word for it… here’s what other teachers have to say about our lesson planners!

“The Teaching Texan planner has revolutionized how I organize my lessons and communicate with parents. The personalized cover adds a special touch, and the layout is intuitive and user-friendly.” – Sarah H., Kindergarten Teacher

“I’ve tried numerous planners over the years, but none compare to the quality and attention to detail of The Teaching Texan planner. It’s a game-changer for staying organized and focused throughout the school year.” – Jason M., 5th Grade Teacher

In conclusion, The Teaching Texan planner isn’t just a planner – it’s a lifeline for educators seeking unparalleled quality, functionality, and personalization in their organizational tools. There is a reason it’s the best teacher planner on the market and teachers come back year after year for a new planner! Handcrafted with care and designed to meet the diverse needs of teachers, our planner is more than just a product – it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting educators in their noble mission of shaping young minds.

Ready to design your one of kind planner? Click the image below! And… if you’re wanting my recommendations for what cover, coil color and interior color option goes best together, simply click here for the 2024-2025 teacher planner style guide!

Design the best teacher planner right here

Unlock the full potential of your teaching journey with The Teaching Texan planner – the #1 choice for educators who demand nothing but the best.

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