Monday Made It: A Bit of Turkey and Superheroes

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How about the weather across the U.S. today??  I’m a little jealous of the snow in many parts of the country – good ol’ Texas is going to get up to around 80 degrees today.  Can I trade with someone who doesn’t want the snow???
I thought I’d kick off Monday morning by linking up with Tara from [4th Grade Frolics] for her monthly Monday Made It linky!
I don’t have any awesome crafts to share this month, but I do have a couple of new digital creations that I would love to share!
I whipped up a fun little no-prep packet for Thanksgiving.  We are really getting into the meaning of Thanksgiving, and I wanted some additional resources to use throughout the next couple of weeks.  Voila!  My first no-prep packet was born!  You can check it out [here].  It’s full of additional literacy practice pages, math practice pages, word wall posters, and a fun craftivity!
My second creation is a superhero themed writing packet!  My campus is a following a writing initiative this year to help our students become better writers.  This Friday is a campus-wide writing day.  All grades will spend the entire day going through the entire writing process (this should be interesting in Kinder!).  Anyway, the topic is going to be to write about a time the student was a hero or someone was a hero to them.  I decided we needed a super cute booklet so that our students will have a fantastic finished product to be proud of.  It will also be great exposure for our kiddos to “write a book.”  You can check out my Superhero Writing Prompts Booklet [here].
I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!  Stay safe in the weather!  Only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break – let the countdown begin!

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