Wordless Wednesday: Settling Into My New School

It’s Wednesday, I’m at school, and I have time to post to the blog?!?  What has Kindergarten done to me???  Oh yah about the whole Kindergarten thing – the 1st grade job I was going to take ended up not being a good fit for me.  Luckily I had only verbally accepted and hadn’t signed anything yet…  After observing at the school for a day I knew it wasn’t the right choice.  I decided to take another leap and continue my short stent of unemployment.  Thankfully that same afternoon I got a call for an interview.  The rest is history!  I’m now teaching Kindergarten and I LOVE my class!
Anyway, I’m linking up with Christina for her [Wordless Wednesday] linky!
Here’s a snapshot from my very first day at my new school.  The kiddos had been learning about firefighters and the local fire department came out to talk with them to wrap up that unit!  So fun!  I am loving all of the experiences that my new school provides for the kiddos.
So I’ve posted a ton about how my year has been going (quitting due to leveling, finding a new job, etc.) – how is YOUR school year going?


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