Monday Made It: Word Wall Card Organizer

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Today I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for a Monday Made It post!
I’ve been feeling a little crafty lately, but couldn’t really pinpoint what it was that I felt like making.  I started thinking about things that could make my life easier in the classroom, and it came to me!
I am awful trying to be better at using my word wall in the coming year.  Last year I didn’t think ahead and purchase/make words in advance to go on my word wall.  The consequence… I wasn’t always as faithful as I should have been with adding our new words to the word wall.
I am on a mission to fix this problem!  This takes me right back to teaching problem & solution during read aloud… 
Me:  “If there’s a problem…”
Students:  “We will solve it!”  
Ok, sorry… Enough with the flashback!
Anyway, as I was saying I was feeling crafty and finally figured out what could help satisfy that urge, as well as get me more organized with my word wall.  I had seen a few pins floating around Pinterest using a 3×5 note card box to organize small things (such as word wall cards).  I decided that would be perfect for getting my word wall materials organized.
Of course, running out and buying a plastic box was not going to satisfy my urge to be crafty.  SO I broke out the Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper!  I spent some taking making careful measurements and Mod Podge-ing the heck out of this thing…
…and I came up with this bad boy!
 After adding a couple finishing touches, I have an awesome storage box for my word wall cards!
I added some 3×5 dividers, and I am ready to go!  Now… I just have to get some word wall cards made up!
If you are interested in making a box like this, let me save you some time.  Staples has them!  The poor mister and myself drove around to about 5 different stores yesterday looking for one and had no luck.  Don’t waste your time, just go to Staples! haha
Head over to Tara’s blog [4th Grade Frolics] to check out some other Monday Made It creations!

OH!  And don’t forget to check back tomorrow to enter my one year blogiversary giveaway!  There have been over 30 awesome donations from some great TPT Teacher-Authors!

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