Monday Motivation: Fishing for a Freebie!

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I feel like that word alone can spark fear and raise blood pressure – or am I the only one?  I’m currently recovering from my second visit to the dentist in the last 5 days.  I’ll go ahead and say LESSON LEARNED and move on from the subject…
For today’s Monday Motivation post I want to share an easy and effective activity the kiddos recently completed to help learn the parts of a fish.
This kids had so much fun with activity and got so into that there may have actually been a few moments of silence!  Now you know it’s engaging when they get so focused they forget to partake in the usual chattering!
Interested in making these with your kiddos?  Check out my visual instructions below and keep reading to grab the FREEBIE!
Click the picture below to grab your free copy of this activity.
I included types labels as well as blank labels (pictured) where students must write the words themselves (also great if you need these in Spanish because kiddos can create their own!).
I hope that your kiddos will love this activity as much as mine did!

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