No Prep Reading Intervention Binder Activities for Pre-K

Effective reading intervention that is no prep?  Sign me up!  This resource is designed to streamline your teaching process, offering ready-to-go activities to support young learners in building essential reading skills. Differentiation has seriously never been as easy as it is with this resource.  Effortlessly incorporate targeted interventions – from phonological awareness, to letter identification, to phonics, and more – into your Pre-Kindergarten classroom. Click preview below to learn more about this intervention solution.

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Are you looking for an easy way to provide focused, targeted reading and math instruction to your students? The Pre-K Reading and Math Intervention Binder BUNDLE allows you an easy way to provide your students with the practice they’re needing during intervention time based on both reading and math content strands, with minimal prep needed from you.

With the shift towards RTI (Response to Intervention), it is more important than ever that we as educators provide targeted instruction for our at-risk students. This preschool reading and math binder bundle gives your students focused instruction without all the planning needed from you. Simply find what you need, and allow your students to write on it in a sheet protector, or directly on the page if needed.

The Pre-K Reading and Math Intervention Binder BUNDLE includes:

  • Over 400 pages of reading AND math intervention
  • Focuses on 5 Pre-K reading content strands: Phonological awareness, concept of print & phonics, vocabulary & word structure, comprehension, and writing
  • Focuses on 4 Pre-K math content strands: Number sense, operations & algebraic thinking, measurement & data, and geometry
  • Print and go pages – simply print and pop into a page protector in a binder. Giving you continued use, over and over again.

The focus on these 5 reading content strands and skills in this binder helps you provide your students with the targeted instruction they need:

✅ Phonological Awareness:

•Pictures with the same beginning sound

•Counting Syllables

•Combining Syllables


•Onset and Rime

✅ Concepts of Print & Phonics:

•Letter or Not a Letter

•Letter Matching Uppercase

•Letter Matching Lowercase

•Letter Matching Upper & Lowercase

•Parts of a Book

•Beginning Sounds

•Consonant Sounds

✅ Vocabulary & Word Structure:

•Same or Different


•Position Words

•Compound Words



✅ Comprehension:

•Story Elements


•Sequencing Nursery Rhymes

•Compare and Contrast

•Main Idea

✅ Writing:

•Cutting Lines

•Tracings Lines

•Writing Strokes

•Writing Prompts

The focus on these 4 math content strands and skills in this binder help you provide your students with the targeted instruction they need:

✅ Number Sense:

•Number or Not?

•Numbers 1-20

•Count: 0-5

•Count: 5-10


•Count: 11-15

•Count: 15-20

•Count 0-20

•Counting On

•Counting Back

•Writing Numbers

•Subitizing Numbers

•Roll and Color


✅ Operations and Algebraic Thinking:

•Addition 0-5

•Addition 1-10

•Addition 11-20

•Subtraction 0-5

•Subtraction 1-10

•Subtraction 11-20

•Which has more?

•Which has the fewest?


✅ Measurement & Data:


•What doesn’t belong?



•Count the Graph

•Spin & Graph


✅ Geometry:

•2D Shapes

•3D Shapes


•Positional Words


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Grab these two resources, the Reading AND Math Intervention Binders, TOGETHER in this bundle and get them both for a discount.


These activities are a great addition to your classroom during your intervention time, during centers for targeted skill practice, MAP testing practice, and more!


The activities in this binder are intended to align with the skills tested on the NWEA MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test. However, it will be useful to all teachers regardless of whether your school uses the NWEA MAP test or not.


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