TPT Seller Challenge Week 1: Makeover Madness!

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It’s week 1 of the TPT Seller Challenge!
If you don’t know about the challenge, you should definitely check it out and consider joining.  It’s going to be a fun 4 weeks of teacher authors challenging themselves to be better!
Let’s take a snapshot of my beginning stats…
These numbers may not be high to some TPT teacher authors, but I am so proud of them!  This is after 2 years of blogging and only one year of being a TPT teacher author.  I hope for another successful year, and I know this challenge is going to kick start it!
This week is all about re-creating a cover or a product.
Well… y’all know me.  I can’t just do one or the other.  Yup.  I did both – I re-created a product AND designed a new cover for it!
I decided to work on my [Editable Nautical Theme Teacher Planner].  The product needed to be updated for the 2015-2016 school year – and I never really created a cover for it in the first place.
Now this spiffy baby has a shiny new cover, product preview, AND has been updated.  Excuse me while I pat myself on the shoulder!  This was also my first exploration with using a real picture as a cover image.  I must say I like it! 
I love, love, loved this planner this year.   When it was all said and done it cost me about $15 (much less than some of those other super expensive planners out there)!


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