TPT Seller Challenge Week 3: Create Your Masterpiece!

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It’s week 3 of the #TPTSellerChallenge!  This week is all about creating a masterpiece!
Let me tell you what, I’ve created just that!  This labor of love has taken me several months to complete.  But guess what?!  It is finally FINISHED!  It’s also the sibling of my best selling [Math Intervention Binder].

Before I jump into the specifics of my [Reading Intervention Binder], I’d like to share a bit of background on how intervention is done in my classroom.

First, lets start off by taking a look at when intervention happens in
our classroom.  Each day (Monday-Thursday) we are fortunate enough to
have an Intervention Team (I-team) visit for a 50 minute block.  The
block is divided into two 25-minute portions.  During this time, the
Tier 3 kiddos work with an I-team teacher, while Tier 2 kiddos work with
me.  I do one rotation of literacy, then one rotation of mathematics. 
While all of this is happening, Tier 1 kiddos work on various activities
(AKA centers) such as iPad apps, math/literacy centers, read to self,
etc (similar to Daily 5 without the mini-lessons).
On Fridays we still have I-Time but the I-Team doesn’t visit the
classroom.  I use this time to meet with some of my Tier 1 kiddos to
make sure that they are getting the necessary extensions that they need
to keep advancing.  This is also the day that my Tier 2 & 3 kiddos
get to independently work during I-time through centers activities practicing the
skills that we have been focused on throughout the week.
All of this is great, but who has the time to make a bazillion-and-one
activities to target all of the MANY, MANY skills that we should be
covering during intervention???  I know that I don’t!  Time with kiddos
during intervention is so precious that I need to be prepared, ready to
go, and in a hurry!
Fortunately, this [binder] has almost a bazillion-and-one activities!  Let’s take a look.
The binder is conveniently organized into 6 sections:  Phonological Awareness, Comprehension, Concepts of Print, Phonics, Vocabulary & Word Structure, and Writing.

These sections are designed to help you target specifically where a student is struggling (and easily)!  They are also aligned to the NWEA Map Test.  If your school uses MAP testing as a progress monitoring tool, this is perfect for you!  It’s also a fantastic school if your school does not use MAP testing!  My new school does not participate in MAP testing, but I will still use this resource daily because I have seen how effective it can be!

 Here’s a closer look at what skills are covered in each section.
Phonological Awareness
Concepts of Print


Vocabulary & Word Structure

I choose to utilize this resource as a binder with each page inside of a
page protector so that the kiddos can write on them in dry erase
marker, then erase them for next time!  Hello time saver!  However, you
could make class sets of specific pages to use as an independent
practice, homework, centers activity, etc.  It truly is a versatile
This makes it so easy for me to have 3 different kiddos working on
different pages or skills at the same time because they are all
organized in one place!  Let’s face it… just because you have 3 kiddos
in an intervention group DOES NOT mean that they all 3 need to work on the
exact same skills.  But, how can you manage having three 5-year olds
work on different skills at the same time??  When it’s as a simple as
pulling out one page that targets each kiddos needs, it starts to become
a lot easier to target those areas of need! 
In honor of the #TPTSellerChallenge, my [Reading Intervention Binder], [Math Intervention Binder], and [Reading & Math Intervention Binder BUNDLE] are all on sale until July 2, 2015!
Visit any of the hosts of the challenge to see lots of other fantastic masterpieces!


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