Wordless Wednesday: Classroom Theme

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Happy Hump Day!
I’m so excited that it’s Wednesday because that means in 2 more days I get to see my new classroom and start moving into it!  I’ve been getting so antsy waiting!
I’m also excited that it’s Wednesday because I get to link up with Christina from [Sugar and Spice] for  a Wordless Wednesday post.
So… here’s my picture, or screenshot rather, for this week.

I started looking around for a new teacher friendly planner for this year, but I wasn’t finding anything that I was crazy about.  I’ve tried the whole digital planning and keeping important dates on my laptop and phone calendar, but it just doesn’t work for me.  (Example:  I missed two PDs this summer because I either forgot, or planned to go to the them on the same day I had something else to do! – Oops!)

So, I thought I’d just go with another Erin Condren planner, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay that price tag again.  On top of that I’ve read some not so good reviews about the company lately.  Anyway, I also knew that I wanted the planner to fit my new, nautical classroom theme.  The result… I have been working on my own planner for a bit now!  My goal is to have it finished and printed/bound by Friday!

So my question for you, are you a paper planner or digital planner kinda person?  AND, do you have a classroom theme?


  1. Hey Bryce!
    I'm at a new school too and can't wait to move in!

    For school stuff, I use an excel file and then print it each week. For personal, I use a paper planner with to do lists on post-its.

    My classroom theme is bright colors!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

  2. I do both, paper planning and digital planning. We are required to post everything online, so I tend to do all of my planning on my laptop. It makes it easier to know what centers I am going to use too, as I can just drag the file into my plans!! I do keep a paper copy of my calendar too, so that way I don't forget important dates or times!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  3. This planner question is what I keep tossing around in my head! I want to #havemycakeandeatittoo !! I've been using and loving online planners b/c of their ability to be instantly changed, emailed, printed, forwarded/shared, connected to online calendars, and instantly linked to Common Core standards. I've used Planbook.com & CommonCurriulum.com. I know I'll continue to use my online planners….HOWEVER…..I still feel like I need a paper planner for less formal lesson planning, planning ahead, making notes, etc. etc. This year, I think I'll try both!! Now the question is: What paper planner should I print/buy/make?!?!?

    As for a theme, I actually just blogged about that today for the B2S Weekly Linky! My theme coordinates with our curriculum and is a RETRO ROAD TRIP decor. See pics and read more of the fun details @ It's Elementary, My Dear! .
    Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!

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