Wordless Wednesday, Graduation

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Happy Hump Day!!! I hope that everyone is having an awesome week!  I am experiencing the “End of Year” craziness for the first time.  While it is pretty hectic, I love having the time to just truly enjoy being with my kiddos!
As promised, here is a picture of myself (and the rest of my cohort) in my graduation regalia awesomeness!  I decided not to attend my undergraduate graduation, so it was truly a fun experience to share this time with great friends that I went through the program with.  It was also nice to have several of my family members in town to celebrate.  SMU Simmons School of Education put on a fantastic diploma ceremony last Friday.  I got to skip the long, drawn out full university ceremony which was great.  
I can now officially say that I have my Master of Education degree!  Just for fun, here is the mister and myself after the ceremony.
Did you attend your college graduation ceremony?

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