Wordless Wednesday, End of Year Countdown

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**UPDATE 5/31/14**
I have added my [End of Year Countdown FREEBIE] to my TPT store!  Head over to snag it and keep your kiddos engaged and excited about coming to school up until the last day.
This FREEBIE comes in two color combinations (pink and blue OR purple and yellow), or you can mix and match to make your own combination.  Many of the activities on the countdown don’t cost anything!  I have also left 4 blank cards so that you can create your own countdown days.  Head over and check it out!
It’s that time of week again!  I am linking up with Sugar and Spice for her Wordless Wednesday linky party!
I decided my kiddos needed  a fun countdown for our last days of school together!  The year has flown by, and I want to make sure they leave 1st grade with some happy memories (as if they had slipped by without countless others, haha). 
Each morning we are popping a balloon to reveal a surprise for that day!  We started this on Tuesday, and I am starting them out with small surprises.  On Tuesday they got to use markers ALL day, even to write their names on papers *GASP!*  Today the kiddos got to rearrange the room however they would like by moving their desks.  This was really hard for me as it definitely created a interesting chaotic classroom arrangement today.  The kids loved it, so it was worth it for just a few more gray hairs, right?!
To finish up our countdown we have some more fun activities!
Thursday, 15th – Extra recess
Friday, 16th – Write in ink pens all day
Monday, 19th – Movie and popcorn.  We are going to watch the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and compare some of the lessons the characters learn to the book “Chocolate Fever” which we are finishing up tomorrow!
Tuesday, 20th – Sidewalk chalk outside
Wednesday, 21st – Bubble gum day (Say a prayer!)
Thursday, 22nd – Stinky feet (no shoes in classroom)
Friday, 23rd – “1st graders are so bright we have to wear shades.”  I purchased some cheapo sunglasses on Amazon for this day.
Tuesday, 27th – This is our last day and I haven’t decided what to do yet!  Any ideas?? Our balloon is currently empty. Shhhh!
What are you doing to make the end of the year fun for you kids?


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