Wordless Wednesday: Thanksgiving Traveling

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Rise and shine!  It may be 5 AM, but we are officially on the road to Florida!  Not to worry, I still made time to stop by to link up with [Miss DeCarbo] for a Wordless Wednesday post before we headed out.
You may be wondering how far of a trip it is from the Big D (Dallas) to Florida… Well, it’s right at 10 hours. 
10 hours… in a car…  Sounds awful!  Fortunately, I actually like driving on long trips.  It’s so calming to just put on a good Pandora station and jam down the highway.  Of course I will be trading off with the mister throughout the drive so that I can work on a huge packet that is almost finished!
Time to hit the road.  Before you head to another Wordless Wednesday post, leave me a message telling me what your Thanksgiving plans are!  I hope that each of you have a fantastic Thanksgiving full of family and friends.


    1. Nice to meet you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Pandora certainly helped a ton – however I got a few texts from Verizon letting me know that I was close to my data limit for the month! First world problems I guess..


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