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Y’all I can barely contain my excitement for December and Christmas!  I was a little sad waking up early yesterday for work, BUT then I remembered it was only 15 working days until Christmas break and I’ve been perked up since!  I always say that October is my favorite month, then December hits and it gives October a run for it’s money!
To celebrate this awesome month, I’m linking up with [Farley] for a December Currently post.
Listening:  I have to be informed AND full of holiday cheer to start my day!
Loving:  Dallas is finally getting some colder weather!  Nothing perturbs me more than Mother Nature throwing us 70 degree weather in late November, December, January…  Thankfully she’s got it together! 
Thinking:  Who else has a to-do list that is never ending?  I’ve got some online PDs to finish up, some TPT creations to work on, Christmas shopping to finish, etc, etc, etc.  I love ticking things off my list – I just wish the list would get smaller or go away.
Wanting:  I really want to get some new cute & warm clothes for our Colorado trip later this month.  We are going to go skiing in Breckenridge again this year for a few days, then spend Christmas in Denver with the mister’s family.  Excited that it should be a white Christmas for sure!
Needing:  I always say I’m going to get my Christmas shopping done early, then I ALWAYS wait until the last minute and end up in a mile-long line at the post office.  Oh well, one day I will learn, right?
Giving:  This time of the year is always so exciting!  Cold weather, snow, traveling, winter break… I could go on and on.  It’s got me feeling super positive and I’m just trying to spread that around to anyone on my campus who is maybe feeling a little less positive!


    1. One of my good friends just moved to Arizona! She's in the Scottsdale area. I'm really pushing the mister for a move to Colorado! For some reason I can't get enough cold! haha


  1. Hi Bryce! I found your blog through Farley's Currently blog hop. I love your blog design, it is so cute and organized! I am very jealous to hear about your skiing trip. I love snowboarding but we don't have much snow at all yet here (Manitoba, Canada), it is just really cold ๐Ÿ™

    Enjoy your holidays!

    Mrs T (Miss L)
    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

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