Wordless Wednesday: Glitter the Elf!

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Happy Hump Day!
I’m super excited today because we got the announcement yesterday afternoon that we have earned jean days until winter break!  That’s like 13 jean days in a row – I don’t even have that many jeans!  This is a “reward” for 90% or more of the faculty signing up to attend the holiday party.  I would have went anyway, but I’m more than happy to wear jeans.
Anyway, I’m linking up with [Miss DeCarbo] for Wordless Wednesday!
On Monday our little friend the elf made her first appearance.  We read the “Elf on the Shelf” story and voted on a name.  Thankfully she has a name that I can stomach this year!  Her name is Glitter!!!!
Take a look at what she was up to yesterday.
Do you do elf on the shelf in your class?  If so, what’s your favorite mischievous prank for him/her to do?

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  1. Our elf is Chippy. Glitter is super cute! I love that she is hanging off the candy cane. Last year our elf was "sick" and made a bed in the Kleenex box. My kiddos thought that was too cool. She had one tissue as the blanket and another folded as a pillow. Have fun with you elf escapades.

    Luv My Kinders

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