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Happy Friday Y’all!
Here’s a peek at some randomness from the week!
This week every Kindergarten classroom made ornaments to hang on a bulletin display in the hallway.  These little guys came out super cute!  
We cut out ornaments from cardstock, then “painted” them with glue to apple strips of scrapbook paper.  
After the ornaments dried, we flipped them over to cut off the extra paper and give them back their ornament shape.
Of course we had to add a bit of glitter to finish them off!
The ornament template is a Freebie from [FirstGradeBlueSkies].
In keeping with the holiday spirit, our classroom elf, Glitter, has reverted to her mischievous ways this week.  Here’s a peak at her shenanigans from this week!
Tonight is our streets holiday progressive dinner.  It’s always a blast, and I can’t wait to meet up with all of our neighbors for some good food and “grape juice.” ๐Ÿ˜‰
Last year we took a yummy sweet potato casserole, but this year we are taking our delicious [Pumpkin Pecan Pie] courtesy of Paula Deen – I promise there’s not THAT much butter in this one!
This recipe is so simple and it is one of my favorite pies!

First Grade Stampede has also decided to get with the times and sign up for an Instagram account!  you can follow the new Instagram by searching for First Grade Stampede.  (I’ll add a clickable link later – the school computer won’t let me access Instagram!)

I saw this earlier this week and had to share!  Fortunately my little ones have been fabulous this week, but I suspect that as we get closer to break even they will start to go a little wild!

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  1. The ornaments turned out super cute, and that pie looks to die for. I love pumpkin and pecan so putting them together is genius. I am the designated pie baker for all our family get togethers. I am going to try that one for Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had fun at your progressive dinner.

    Luv My Kinders

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