Wordless Wednesday

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I am so excited to link up with Sugar and Spice for my first Wordless Wednesday post – clearly I am already breaking the rules! 😉 Here’s how it’s supposed to work…
I’ll try to get it right next time!
One of the biggest struggles I encountered as a first year teacher was trying to get everything prepped for the day during the morning!  Oh my goodness, I would run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make copies, get supplies out, etc.  Due to my after school coaching job, it was near impossible to get anything done after my kiddos left for the day.  Since deciding to take a year off from coaching and the season officially coming to an end, I have found myself feeling much more calm and organized.  This morning the only prep work I had to do was pull out my F&P testing kit for centers.  Oh and of course stop by Starbucks!  Wednesdays are short days at my school, so between library, specials, recess, and lunch we are lucky to squeeze in a little reading and math time. 
What do you do as a morning prep at school?


  1. I just pulled out my BAS kit to start testing kids as well! We expect our first graders to be instructional at J at the end of the year, but we have to use the nonfiction texts so I am dreading therapy dogs and guide dogs! My morning prep includes getting as much as possible ready-I prefer to leave ASAP after school and come in a few minutes early instead of staying late!

    1. OMG someone who feels the pain! The butchering of the word "therapy." I just can't… Our school has us alternate between fiction and non-fiction each time we test, so that's a plus!

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