Tornadoes, Mother’s Day, and New Jobs (OH MY!)

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What a week this has been!  On top of all of the F&P testing we’ve been doing, trying to gear up for the last couple of weeks of school and maximize every last teachable moment has been exhausting to say the least.  While it is so fun to see the kids use all of the skills and knowledge they have attained this year, I am definitely ready for a BREAK!

To add to this week’s craziness, we had some severe weather in North Texas this afternoon.  As the kiddos were just heading into their carline rooms, torrential downpour begins which was followed by a tornado warning.  We immediately had to get all of the kids to the safe zones.  What bothered me more than the threat of a tornado was that I wasn’t with “my” kids.  I saw several of my kiddos as I took my carline group to our safe zone and it just broke my heart that I couldn’t be with all of my little firsties to comfort them and make the experience a little less scary for them.  Thankfully after about 45 minutes we were able to move back to carline areas and get the kids out safely!  This has of course led to a little wine time this evening!

This week we have been working on a Mother’s Day craft for the kids to give their mom’s this weekend.  I spent a lot of time searching through Pinterest ideas and finally decided on using Shrinky Dink papers to make heart necklaces!  Not only was it cheap (about $6 for the paper), but also so cute!  The kids loved decorating the hearts this week and I just finished baking/shrinking them.  It was  really simple… I cut the 6 pieces of paper into 24 equal rectangles (4 per page ๐Ÿ˜‰ and used a heart stencil I made to trace a heart.  I cut them out for the kiddos and punched a hole for the string to be threaded later.  Then the kids went to town using Sharpies to decorate!  Here are some of the final results!

Here they are before baking them.
Before and after shrinking!    

 “Because I’m happy.”  I can’t even handle this one!!

Tomorrow we will add string to them and place in decorated envelopes the kids will make.  I can’t wait to see their faces when they see how much they have shrunk!  I had to video one of the hearts while it was in the oven so the kids can see the process!

Last but certainly not least, I guess I can go ahead and make an announcement now that my current administrators and co-workers know.  I have  accepted a new teaching position at a FANTASTIC elementary school next year!  I have learned a ton where I currently teach at, but I wanted a school that would really help me grow in the areas I am interested in, as well as a school that is more aligned with my personal philosophy.  I will miss my kiddos, but I am thrilled for the opportunity.  I should find out in the next few weeks what grade I’ll be in.  It should be K, 1st, or 4th – keep your fingers cross for another year in 1st!

What are you having your kids do for Mother’s Day?

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